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Posted By: Jessica on 27/06/2021
SeptoX 718/RS3 Launch Info - HUGE PRIZES - $1,000 Store!


Welcome, everyone!

SeptoX finally has a launch date, for those who are not aware we've been working on SeptoX for a long time now. We're glad to finally be in a stage where we are confident the game can go online.

Our launch date is 9th July 9PM GMT + 1, you can find a countdown timer on the homepage of our forums. I know there is some time still to wait from the time we post this thread till launch but its the safest date for us to announce and it gives everyone a ton of time to get prepared and even invite their friends!


I'll list a couple of the important questions here.


Will I need a forum account to play SeptoX?

You will not need to register an account on forums to play SeptoX, you will simply be able to login with any username and password. Use a different password to any other website or RSPS as there are so many leaked databases available! People literally have programs to spin through leaked databases to search for passwords. And then, use it to login to your account (Assuming you use the same password) If you have EVER used that password before it's going to be found!


Can I see some pictures of the server?

We post tons of pictures in our discord channel under the #beta-updates channel, make sure to check out why there is so much hype here


What type of server will SeptoX be? PK Server, eco server or what?

SeptoX will be built to have a friendly economy, you won't be able to spawn your stats or items. We hope to accommodate pkers through enjoyable and rewarding content in the wilderness, and custom events like LMS (Last Man Standing PK event). Still, our primary focus is to build a balanced game that is suited to the majority rather than limiting ourselves to a minority.

  • Custom PK Events for PKers.
  • Full Skilling/Advanced Skilling Contracts for skillers.
  • Full Combat PVM System with +30 Bosses packed, Slayer creatures, and Elite Dungeons for PVMers.


Will SeptoX sell best in-game items in the store?

No. However we do need our store to be appealing so players will spend money as it's very expensive to run a fantastic server, by the time we launch we would have spent a tremendous amount on development and marketing. With that said we will never sell the best items in-game for example Seren Godbow & Zaros Godsword, Trimmed Master work, Elite Torva & Noxious, these items will only ever be obtainable ingame from their respective activities. We want items to be worthwhile and not for everyone with a credit card running around in the best gear on the first week of launch. We do need the server to be able to sustain itself, we're not like all those other RSPS, I'm sure you've tried that that has died after 2 weeks. We'll try our best to have a store that doesn't devalue the content of SeptoX too much.

Some items we can promise will never be found on our store or obtainable via paid means such as mystery boxes, these are just some of them. If, we're however going to present Mystery boxes on our game store, there will be an equivalent version of the mystery boxes present in-game shops via Prestige, Rebirth, or other game points. They'll be many more items you'll only ever be able to obtain via paid means in-game.


What Prizes can be won?

We're going to be giving away $1,000 store credit! These will be given to:

  • $150 - The first player to achieve the Max cape on ECO account
  • $150 - The first player to achieve the Max cape on Ironman account (HCIM also counts, group ironmen don't)


The first ironman group to achieve 4 billion experience will receive $100 for each member. 


We're also releasing a new piece of content event every week for the first month of SeptoX, we can assure you we have been already planning for future updates of content that won't be there on release date but come as future updates. Some of these updates will be juicy as we'll be introducing a new Upgrade gem (Ultimate gem) that will be used to upgrade Elite tier of gear. The reason reason we're delaying each event is that  it gives people a chance to prepare for them and allows us to do more events that players can enter without being there in the first week.



Week 1 - The 101 training

The first player to deal 60,666 damage on Damage Per Minute minigame will receive 3x Super mystery boxes or $30 store credit

The first player to obtain the full Daily login rewards will receive 3x Super mystery boxes or $30 store credit


Week 2 - The Tallest tower

The first player to obtain a Dominion tower gloves will receive 5x Super mystery boxes or $50 store credit

The first player to obtain a Dominion tower crossbow will receive  1x Elite Dominion tower crossbow or 5x Super mystery boxes or $50 store credit


Week 3 - God's creation

The first player to obtain a Skilling pet will receive a Legendary pet 

The first player to obtain a Boss pet will receive  a Legendary pet


Week 4 - The Jewelry collection 

The first player to smelt an Upgrade gem will receive another 5x Super mystery boxes or $50 store credit

The first player to obtain a full Elite set will receive 10x Super mystery boxes or $100 store credit


* Anyone found to be breaking any rules will be disqualified from the event, account sharing is also illegal in this competition so be cautious before deciding to do so.


Will I get anything for being one of the first SeptoX players?

Definitely, along with the chance of being one of the lucky ones to win $1000 credit all players who log in over the launch weekend will receive an exclusive loyalty title 'Day one' (Yes we have loyalty titles, exclusive titles for each skill mastery)


What am I going to do while I wait for SeptoX to launch?

While you wait, you can always participate in SeptoX giveaway events that is already running on discord right now, hit the link join our discord and participate now for free!


If I am an old SeptoX donator do I get my donation status back?

Yes, we'd like to thank our donators for their awesome contribution towards building SeptoX rsps! You guys are amazing and we value your support the most, if you've ever donated to SeptoX we still have records for your payments and upon release you will be getting your donator status back + $ store credit refund, so you may choose new products to purchase from our store (SeptoX store will be updated on release as we're releasing all P2W perks to be obtainable through Rebirth system in-game)


We all hope to see you come back to this wonderful RSPS and help us set some new records, also don't forget to join our discord for frequent updates and pictures! 

We're giving away lots of rewards every week till launch in our discord channel!

Thanks, everyone, look forward to seeing you online & love you the most.


SeptoX Team

SeptoX - The Best RSPS Experience!wishes_header.png


Hey SeptoXians.


I am super excited to confirm the news many of you have been waiting for - SeptoX will officially launch (Official release pre-eoc) this summer and you can join the Beta version TODAY. Not only that, but this time, we are coming with some sweet rewards for you too!



After a long journey of experience in working on RSPS content, it feels especially great to bring SeptoX to it's next platform! This is another momentous opportunity to grow the citizenship of SeptoX, adding more beating hearts to a connected community and shared experience of lovers. Join our discord we're doing giveaways until the official release!


A special living world with endless discovery that transcends entertaining pixels on a screen to a place filled with people, connections, memories and stories. It is a critical 'magic' that only you as players can bring, and with our mission to build one of the greatest RSPS in the history of Runescape private servers, you can now truly find a RSPS worth grinding on.


It was only few months ago when we launched on Beta, the testing platform of the game. We allowed the ability of spawning items and XP lamps to easily test out the game and report possible found bugs, we have done this to prepare for a sleek release with bug free content and lots of RS3 packed content.

Not only did we open the beta for bug testing but for also working on new content, this remake of SeptoX will include the latest RS3 content released including custom content that the team have been officially working on!

New Stable (Strong) client platform loading 909 RS3 Cache



  • Dragonkin Laboratory 
  • Rebirth system (20 rebirth ranks, 200 prestige ranks per skill)
  • Exclusive Prestige shop with rewards.
  • Rebirth permanent free skill perks.
  • Telos, The Warden.
  • Solak the grove guardian boss.
  • Araxxor, Vorago, the Dark Lord and The Magister.
  • Nex: Angel Of Death
  • SeptoX Grim Reaper contracts and perks.
  • Stay on track with all your progress in-game collections log.
  • SeptoX journey book.
  • New refined achievements system that includes different diary types and exclusive rewards.
  • Sophanem Slayer dungeon.
  • Nihils, and Muspahs.
  • Supreme overloads.
  • New HiScores: GIM Top 10 groups (Levels, Points) on website
  • New HiScores: HC Ironman Top 10 players (Experience, level, maximum lives bought) on website
  • Exclusive Last man standing PVP minigame
  • Ability to challenge players anywhere in SeptoX
  • Damage per minute instance
  • Daily login rewards
  • Upgrade gem (Introducing new concept of Ultimate gem) 
  • Remade Skilling contracts system supporting (Co-op skilling contracts)
  • Co-op Slayer system supporting up to 4 players and ability to teleport to your task.
  • SeptoX starter gear
  • Lots of new items and special attacks


While this is awesome news, it's onwards and upwards - and so comes the time for us to welcome in new players once more. Over the next couple of weeks, we're going to recruit as many people as we can to pre-register and get ready for our best launch day yet. Not only does pre-registering mean a huge day-one welcoming of players, but it also helps us introduce SeptoX across the globe in the RSPS feed - and being more visible means even more new adventurers entering our fantastical world.

















With this launch, we've come prepared with a special series of rewards for everyone that we'll unlock for free! Can't wait to put your hands on playing this? Join our discord and enjoy the free $$$ giveaways.


SeptoX team




SeptoX Beta





We're delighted to announce the release for the SeptoX open Beta.




The open SeptoX Beta is the first chance for our valuable members to get their hands on the in-development newest septox version of their favorite RSPS.

SeptoX on loading 909 fully-cross compatible with all desktop devices, so you can simply click the link to download the Beta client and start playing.

To access the SeptoX open Beta, players must use download the new client. We have updated, and packed our client to load a newer cache revision. Once downloaded, the game can be launched normally from your desktop screen with 2 clicks.



As a game developer and leader, I make it my mission to try and put a smile on players' faces. There is no better feeling than brining creations to life and them in front of you all to experience. These are the artistic, creative and technical expressions of our ventures. Developing a new powerful RSPS like this. Over the last 6 years is no small feat for us. SeptoX brings a new chapter of an epic story, intricate gameplay, big rewards, real challenges and mastery. There are lots new of unlocked content, starting from new map locations, new NPCs (Monsters/Bosses), new Items, new Dyes, new graphics, new core content!


I am very proud of the work the team put into this, it's true that we're still working but we have really progressed a lot, step-by-step everything is becoming real, introducing this wonderful creation!


Welcome to SeptoX Official EXP mode. Introducing a unique Experience & Leveling up system, the climb may be hard, but the view from the top is surely awesome. The farther you climb, the harder it becomes, can you climb the whole mountain? There will be no-longer different experience-modes, SeptoX will remain offering different game-modes however.
SeptoX will only offer ONE experience mode. You will begin by 200x XP in each skill by reaching level 99 in the particular skill you may advance a new prestige rank. By advancing 10 prestige ranks you are able to advance a new rebirth rank. For each rebirth rank you advance you unlock a permanent skill perk such as (Rebirth 1x Attack skill) you get a small chance to hit 1 KO 1% for each rank! It's not only that, each rank you advance you also unlock unique rewards and for some skills you unlock specific areas. You will get to know about these features during the journey!
We VALUE YOUR PROGRESS. We have saved our drivers in a very safe place, please do not worry, your data is still safe! However since this is a Beta version of SeptoX, you will log-in and find yourself registering a new account. The purpose of registering a new account is that you will have to easily test through all the new content and test the stability of the new client by being forced to level-up the skills and going through areas! Once the Beta testing stage is over, when the official release comes out! We'll start restoring the data, all of the donations, hard work, ranks, will come back and converted to the new systems, nothing was lost.
  • We have made everything available free and unlocked for everyone, donor zones are unlocked and can be easily accessed through the quests tab!
  • For accessing your bank, you can easily type in ;;bank or ;;b command!
  • For spawning items, it's a very easy process! You don't need an item list or whatsoever, all that you have got to do is:
1. Think of the item you'd like to spawn (For example: Blue party)
2. Type in the chat ;;itemn blue partyhat
As you can see all of the ids are there!
3. type in the chat ;;item 1042
Spawn all the items you want and start testing content now!
Hell YES! To participate in this, we encourage you to join our discord! From there you can easily navigate through the channels (#beta, #bug-report, #suggestions) We're eager to hear your feedback on these updates. We are particularly interested in hearing your thoughts about the upcoming content, and all the fixes and improvements that has been made. There should be some of SeptoX old content not found in the beta, and that's exactly a very good point to report for our team to handle it with care! We are in the process of rebuilding SeptoX and repacking the server with SeptoX unique content! 
To prevent false-positive bugs getting in for rewards. Understand that for each successful valid bug report, a x5 Death touched darts will be reserved as reward for it in the official release, however for each un-valid reported bug a x-5 Death touched darts will be taken from your total rewards! Repeated bugs won't count!
Let us know about all the bugs found, and what content are missing from the old SeptoX to bring it back! Rewards are going to be insane! For breaking-game bugs, rewards will go for unique title (GAME-BREAKER) on the official release.
We'll be keeping you up to date about when new update waves are on the way.

The SeptoX Team

SeptoX Beta




Get into SeptoX 2021 official relaunch Beta!




We’re delighted to confirm that we’re about to release the newest client platform of our newest version of SeptoX 'Beta!

Unlimited spots will be available soon to download on a first come!

Everything icey. We have recently updated our cache to one of the late revisions of the Official Runescape 3 revision (910), we are now able to load the latest Rs3 maps which unlocks lots of features that will be brought further into the gameplay SeptoX provides. Mining/Smithing remake, Newley released items by Jagex. Ice versions, Elite t80 upgraded versions, Archelogy content loading the World Map, Solak boss, and more!



When will the Beta go live?

It's all about quality so we must ensure that the client our players will use is loading everything quiet smoothly. We have been working on this, ensuring the cross platform is ultra stable for you to be able to test the content freely! It should not take us long as we have been already progressing behind the scenes (ETA: Maximum of 48 hours from now)!

Join our discord and get informed with latest updates!

We encourage anyone to download our client, log in, and start playing.


What content can I expect in this Beta?

The SeptoX Beta continues to develop and grow. Recent updates include the new re-work of all SeptoX EXP game modes being removed and updated to the new Rebirth system. Packing the game with custom perks which will be unlocked after advancing new rebirth ranks, an overhaul to the NPC bossing system (Adding new bosses, updating existing combat scripts, fixing previous issues with Nex and AoD), the introduction of more intuitive weapons and improvements to combat. The upgrade gem has been a very successful update SeptoX has made as Custom content different from Jagex, we're looking forward to expand the Upgrade Gem content and adding new upgrade gems especially, awesome feature to have especially after updating the cache with more new items! There have also been a discussion about achievement system idea to be improved, a bigger and wider Achievements system. Adding gambling to the game, along with lots of options to anti-scam restriction!







Of course, being a Beta, you should anticipate some imperfections. We are working very hard to ensure that the new SeptoX version will come the cleanest version ever, and we actively encourage players to send us their thoughts. Every bit of feedback helps. We welcome feedback in our discord (Bugs/Suggestions) channels!



Thanks ever so much for your ongoing support. Enjoy!

Jessica 'GlamourGirl💜


SeptoX 2020 Halloween Update!


Shadies and Gentleghouls.... Mwa haha ha haaa ha..... it’s halloween!! For this week only there are some spooky halloween events running:



  • Party Demon world event: The party demon is spawned very 3 hours by server time. The demon has 100,000 hit points! All weapons are allowed, and there's no restriction on using the Boogie bow in order to damage the demon or whatsoever. The maximum damage can be dealt in One hit is 1,000 hit. It's Multi-Area Boss so that you can invite your friends, gear up and get ready for an Epic fight! Be careful, during the fight. The Party demon targets one Player randomly and hit them with Special attack 7 different hits with a random damage up to 150 per hit! Can you survive the FIRE?  🔥


  • The party demon has been developed to record the damage dealt by all the players around fighting the Boss, so that, the reward is distributed accordingly, the higher the damage you dealt the better the loot it is!
  • It is important to also know that the loot size is direct proportional to the damage dealt on the demon, the formula for loot size: TOTAL_DAMAGE / 5,000 (i.g. 20k damage in one fight =  20k/5k= 4 items)
  • In order to obtain a loot from killing this Boss, you must dealt at least 10,000 damage on the demon!

Below is the Drop table:

        //ITEM_NAME(itemId, rate, minimumAmount, maximumAmount),
        SEARING_ASHES(34160, 100.0, 1, 1),
		ECTOPLASM(25355, 100.0, 50, 500),
		ACTIVE_ECTOPLASM(32378, 50.0, 1, 2),
		COINS(995, 100.0, 50000, 500000),
		RUNE_FULL_HELM(1164, 40.0, 1, 20),
		RUNE_PLATELEGS(1080, 40.0, 1, 20),
		RUNE_PLATEBODY(1128, 40.0, 1, 20),
		RUNE_KITESHIELD(1202, 40.0, 1, 20),
		BATTLESTAFF(1392, 45.0, 1, 20),
		ONYX_BOLTS_E(9245, 25.0, 50, 250),
		HYDRIX_BOLT_TIPS(31867, 23.0, 25, 200),
		RAW_SHARK(384, 42.0, 100, 300),
		RAW_ROCKTAIL(15271, 43.0, 75, 300),
		ROCKTAIL(15273, 43.0, 75, 300),
		YEW_LOGS(1516, 42.0, 50, 200),
		MAGIC_LOGS(1514, 39.0, 50, 200),
		ADAMANTITE_ORE(450, 37.0, 30, 200),
		RUNITE_ORE(452, 36.0, 30, 200),
		COAL(454, 55.0, 200, 350),
		ADAMANT_BAR(2362, 37.0, 1, 50),
		RUNE_BAR(2364, 34.0, 1, 50),
		BLACK_DRAGON_LEATHER(2510, 54.0, 1, 50),
		ROYAL_DRAGON_LEATHER(24375, 3.0, 1, 50),
		UNCUT_DIAMOND(1618, 60.0, 1, 150),
		UNCUT_DRAGONSTONE(1632, 39.0, 1, 150),
		YEW_SEED(5315, 40.0, 1, 30),
		MAGIC_SEED(5316 , 20.0, 1, 30),
		GRIMY_RANARR(208, 60.0, 1, 75),
		GRIMY_IRIT(210, 50.0, 1, 75),
		GRIMY_KWUARM(214, 45.0, 1, 75),
		GRIMY_CADANTINE(216, 53.0, 1, 75),
		GRIMY_DWAF_WEED(218, 52.0, 1, 75),
		GRIMY_TORSTOL(220, 22.0, 1, 75),
		GRIMY_LANTADYME(2486, 34.0, 1, 75),
		GRIMY_SNAPDRAGON(3052, 35.0, 1, 75),
		GRIMY_BLOODWEED(37975, 36.0, 1, 75),
		EXTREME_ATTACK(26613, 35.0, 1, 25),
		EXTREME_STRENGTH(26617, 35.0, 1, 25),
		EXTREME_DEFENCE(26621, 35.0, 1, 25),
		EXTREME_MAGIC(26625, 35.0, 1, 25),
		EXTREME_RANGING(26629, 35.0, 1, 25),
		SARADOMIN_BREW(23352, 33.2, 1, 25),
		SUPER_RESTORE_FLASK(23400, 33.2, 1, 25),
		PRAYER_RENEWAL_FLASK(23610, 34.5, 1, 25),
		SMALL_PROTEAN_PACK(34023, 63.0, 1, 1),
		SIRENIC_SCALE(29863, 9.0, 1, 1),
		DEATH_TOUCHED_DART(25202, 50.0, 1, 3),
		KEY_TOKEN(24154, 63.0, 1, 1),
		D_KEY_TOKEN(24155, 60.0, 1, 1),
		MEDIUM_PROTEAN_PACK(34024, 40.0, 1, 1),
		RARE_ITEM_TOKEN(34027, 10.0, 1, 1),
		CRYSTAL_KEY(990, 40.0, 1, 10),
		UNCUT_ONYX(6571, 20.0, 1, 1),
		HOLY_OVL(33247, 33.0, 1, 15),
		SUPREME_OVL(33223, 33.0, 1, 15),
		AGGRO_POT(37940, 31.0, 1, 10),
		LARGE_PROTEAN_PACK(34025, 20.0, 1, 1),
		INCOMPLETE_HYDRIX(31851, 9.0, 1, 1)



  •  SeptoX Halloween Event:  You can start the event by typing ;;hween as this command will teleport you near Clan Citadel where you will find Pumpkin pete, standing beside a large red porta. Speak to him, and then he should teleport you to The Witch's House where you can start the Sp0o0ky night!




  • After reading the rules, find the room where the 'Fame is located in and talk with her,  she's the main character for the event.


  • Once you are there, you may begin the event by talking with her!



  • She will be guiding you through the whole event, all you have to do is to pick the right answers and continue to follow up! It's so much fun and I will quickly breakdown to you a guide on how to do the event!
  • The event consist of 5-Phases:


First phase: She will ask you to go upstairs to find a diary for the night, you will need this item to continue to phase two! The item is found upstairs under one of the beds, once you're upstairs you will also see Spooky Ghosts floating around, make sure not to attack them during phase one you're not allowed to fight any ghosts just yet, and also be sure not to search anything in downstairs as the Witch has their guardians watching over the place and you will be sent to Death. Once you find the paper, return back to her, if you didn't read it she'll ask you to!





Once you hand her the paper after reading it, you'll notice now that the affection level has been increased with the Witch! So, you are now are able to start Phase two.


Second phase (Tile's Minigame): Since the update has come out earlier than this update thread, it has come to our notice that some of the players weren't able to still finish the tile's minigame just yet because of the advanced mechanic of the tile system so let me explain it for you!





Once your outside, all you have to do is locate the Tile's stage and find the Orange tile to begin the minigame!

e65454be66600f165057f2402628f4c5.png 60 seconds to finish the minigame.


Once you click I'm ready to start, the Timer will start and you will have 60 seconds to finish the minigame! 

There are 8 different tiles, you always begin the minigame on the Orange tile, to win in this minigame you will have to figure out the correct order for the colored tiles and make sure that you jump on each color on the correct order.



In case you clicked the wrong tile, you will lose an attempt (You have 6 wrong attempts) on picking the next tile to jump on, once you run out of attempts or run out of time, you will lose the game!


You have got to make sure you're clicking on the correct tiles or else you will be dragged back and damaged!



The trick to finish the minigame:

3c4233955d2dd66a2dcb952c61d55014.png Each time you attempt to play the minigame you are given a new shuffled tile order!

[1st tile, 2nd tile, 3rd tile, 4th tile, 5th tile, 6th tile, 7th tile, 8th tile]

Every time, the first 1st tile is going to be [5] which means the 'Orange' tile indicates the number 5.

The rest of the numbers are shuffled every time!

So to figure out the correct patters, you have gotta DANCE! for sometime and be clever enough to notice the correct tiles numbers and their correspond numbers.


*Quick hint ;) the Orange color id is 5, and the Green color id is 0*

In this case The Tile Order is: [5, 7, 3, 4, 6, 0, 2, 1]

 [1st jump Orange, 2nd jump Color, 3rd jump Color, 4th jump Color, 5th jump Color,  6th jump Green,  7th jump Color, 8th jump Color]

Which means you have gotta figure out the right ids for each color so that you can jump on the colors in the correct order!

Can you figure out the correct pattern for each Color tile? 🔥


After that you may return back to the Witch in order to continue to phase 3. 




Third phase:  You want to increase the Trust level for each phase, so you in this phase you will want to gift the Witch something to make her happy! To begin this phase, you must return back to the Witch after finishing Phase 2 and then ask her what should you do next!


After talking with her, what you should be doing will be shown up in the dialogue and then she'll pretend she hasn't seen anything and ask you if you are drunk, and then you will act normal and behave as you will go outside and grab a drink!


After that you will have to get outside and talk with Zabeth, he's very drunk but he will offer to help you if you give him a drink, then you will have to go searching for his drink!


Once you've got his drink, just return back to him and he give it to him, he will give you back a Bone brooch and A jug of wine!


All that you need to do is drink the jug of wine, and go back to Witch to gift her the brooch.

After she takes the brooch, Trust level will increase to '3' and you're now ready for Phase 4.


Fourth phase: This one is where fighting will get involved! To begin, as always, just talk with the Witch and she will challenge you to kill 20 spooky ghosts that are located up-stairs.


After that, you will have to find the stairs, and then head up-stairs. Click on any of the spooky monsters and then choose 'Interact'


After that, they will spawn into different monsters (Earth, Water, Fire, Air wizards [2.5k HP]) or (Melzar the Mad, Grandpa Zombie [5k HP]). After killing them they will drop the following items:


Coins 5k-500k (100% chance)

Ectoplasm 3-23 (100% chance) [Can be used to purchase items from Halloween's shop]

Active Ectoplasm x1 (10%) <- when activated 652d0c1d3fc7151bf4383f853e31c516.png


After killing 20 spooky ghosts, you may now return to the Witch to finish this stage!



Last phase: Will require 100 physical interactions with the Witch! Once you are done, speak to 'Fame again and she will handing the event's rewards to you, as you are now done with 2020 Halloween's event.




After you're done with the event,  Speak to 'Fame again, she'll increase the Trust level to 5, and things don't stop there! You will unlock unlimited access to:



Collect Ectplasms by Killing Spo0o0oky ghosts and then talk with 'Fame to purchase Halloween holiday limited rewards!





Please note - The halloween event will be removed next week. The seasonal unlocked halloween emotes/items will remain, but only for those lucky enough to unlock them this week! All the spooky ghosts, fame, party demon will vanish.


- SeptoX team


Join Septox today as we celebrate our 6 year anniversary of being online.

World 1
Main Server