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August Vote event

Posted 01/08/2020 by - Jessica

August, 2020 Vote event


Hello Septoxians,


This is our first vote event since our re-release just 3 days ago and serves as a massive opportunity for us to secure a top 10 position on the toplists if we can get an early start. Toplists play a massive role in growing the community, just as right hand aside from paid advertisements. Let's get to work! I hope everyone participates and shows their support for the community.


Event start...

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Live Game Client

Posted 29/07/2020 by - Jessica


SeptoX V7.1 is now LIVE. Introducing a new ERA with EPIC updated content packed!



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SeptoX 718 v7.1 # Official Release

Posted 28/07/2020 by - Jessica


We are now upgrading SeptoX environments to a new Platform Server version up to version 7.1. This process will take around 4 hours. Thank you so much everyone for staying patient. It's our time to get back online and take the lead of High-Revision RSPS once again!


What's new?!


  • We have upgraded our cache to load the latest Rs3 indices and that unlocked many features: More, and more cool looking Rs3 interfaces, updated Sprite...
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Updates #1

Posted 01/08/2020 by - Jessica


Patch notes:

  • You will no longer be able to re-roll Skilling mission after re-opening Skilling mission interface.
  • Fixed Golden stats for Golden Godswords (+25% bonuses, 2x the special attacks all types) :3f3b6e2f9e3d71d42e2b70b2ea6f12f5.gif
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SeptoX 718 # RSPS | Reborn - Updates #4

Posted 02/04/2020 by - Jessica

Patch Notes - 30/03

We are planning to release (Revamped Slayer system + New Skilling system + Item fusion 'Custom Invention System' ) ALL TOGETHER. Great things require some time, be patient and TRUST the process!

Full Discord bot (This is very useful, because soon enough you'll be able to do things like ;;updatemyroles automatically without the need to text any staff!) Current commands:

#in-game s...

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