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    • Just a tiny little question...  How can you be staff on server you've never even played before? Also did you even read staff application requirements Jessica has typed for staff applicants 🤦‍♂️
    • Name: Percy Time played (Please provide a screenshot ) - Timezone: EU Any past staff experiences?: Years of experience, including owning my own few RSPSs and stuff like that Why should we choose you over other applicants?: I´m active & got lots of experience on RSPS. Do you feel confident about your game knowledge?: Yes Tell us a little about yourself: Tbh nothing much to say... Just a regular guy like we all. Anything else we should know?: -
    • SeptoX RSPS - The Best RSPS Experience Dear Septoxians, we have been working behind the scenes on some amazing things for you here's a little sneak peak of Temple Of Aminshi (Ultimate Gem Ashes 💎)  This is the full version: temple of Aminshi You can read more and explore here! 5 exclusive rooms All monsters inspired by Jagex. This includes: all mini bosses, 3 main bosses. Correct combat scripts inspired by Jagex. Auto loot treasure chest functionality to toggle loot Create your GIM (Group Ironman) and compete in the HiScores! Collect Ultimate gem ashes to combine a fine ultimate gem used for upgrading Elite armor. Join private instances with your friends. Logout and then log back in at anytime your instance is safe and cached. Disabling auto loot treasure chest grants 2x drop chance. (Disk Of Returning$+ works here)     https://gyazo.com/8ad2cf093e336e35e3b69afb8d269993.gif   Stay tuned ~ SeptoX RSPS    
    • Can´t wait either... Just get ready boys and girls. Much love!💗
    • Applicant must have 14 days in-game playtime to apply Applicant must not have outstanding or serious infractions taken against them Applicant must wait 30 days before posting another application  Applicant is not required to have previous experience   Name: Time played (Please provide a screenshot ) Timezone: Any past staff experiences?: Why should we choose you over other applicants?: Do you feel confident about your game knowledge?: Tell us a little about yourself: Anything else we should know?:   Thank you for taking the time to apply, please remember that we can not accept every application. This is a community decision and only the best candidates will be accepted. -SeptoX Development Team
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