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    • Starter Guide   Hey guys, in this guide ill talk about some basic stuffs, what you should do as a new player and how to get started.   When you log in you can choose from different styles firstly if you want to play as an Ironman or as an Economy player. They all have different xp rates and drop rates. But as a new player i would recommend starting a Novice or Expert account, and later on when you know more about the game you can start a Nightmare or even ironman account.         After you choosed your playstyle you will be teleported to home:   1. You can find the bank, vote store, trivia store, slayer masters, crystal chest and thieving stalls there. 2. You can find the shops and some skilling tools there. (you can get there by using ;;shops too) 3. Grand exchange and another bank.     --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can get +25% xp boost or Crystal keys or Mystic boxes from vote books after you vote and type ;;voted! (Theres also a 1/100 chance to get a free donator rank for a few days!!) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------     FIRST THINGS YOU SHOULD DO   1. CRAFTING   Very easy and fast money making method. You just simply teleport to ;;shops and buy uncut gems from Skilling Store and sell the cut gems back to General Store. By cutting dragonstones you can make 10k profit from 1 gem!       2. TRAINING   After you got some money you can buy some basic gears (Range very recommended at first) and go to ;;train or just simply use the teleport at home (the ship at north). Rune knifes very good at low lvl, they are very fast and not that expensive you should use them until chaotics.       3. DUNGEONEERING   When you have decent stats (50-70) go ;;home and buy some bones (Dragon bones or Infernal ashes recommended) from the Grand Exchange and use them on the altar which is outside of ;;shops. After you got atleast 43 prayer go back to ;;shops and buy a Zamorak's Book Of Chaos and a Glory Amulet (4) (Both of them can be found at Pure shop) and better gear for more accuracy. After you geared up buy some Prayer renewal and some combat pots from Flasks Store (10 renew and 1-2 combat pot should be enough) and head to the teleport. You can get to Dungeoneering by selecting Minigames -> Minigames II -> Dungeoneering Once you inside you can check the store, there are 2 shops the regular one and a new one for the off-hands and other stuffs. You will need 350k token for main and off-hand set so it will take a while thats why the 10 renewal needed. You can start dung by simply killing monsters and when you reach 15 kc just simply go to the next room. (You will get more xp and token in the higher rooms dont worry!)       SOME USEFULL TIPS AND INFORMATIONS   Grand exchange have UNLIMITED amount of basic items like farming tools, runes, herblore supplys. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can get pretty cool stuffs from crystal chest, you can also check the rewards if you click on the signpost next to the chest. (Can get a lot of keys from vote books)   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In quest tab you can check the drop rates, search for drops and even check what drops you will get from x amount of kills. In Account Manager you can set your titles, set loot beam, set overrides (cosmetics) and set key binds. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Theres double xp event every weekend (from friday to sunday).
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