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    • Good luck @Ash this server could use more active staff due to more and more people coming in daily seeking help and knowledge!
    • Name: Ash Time played (Please provide a screenshot ) https://ibb.co/Zz6MbkT Timezone: GMT + 1 Any past staff experiences?: Yes. I was staff on a Minecraft server with 100-120 concurrent players daily for 6 months. I've also been staff on a Terraria server for around 9 months with 70-80 concurrent players daily,   Why should we choose you over other applicants?: I have a lot of free time for the next 2-3 months, so I will be very active just as I am at the moment. After that period of time I can still commit 3-5 hours per week day and 4-8 on weekends. Do you feel confident about your game knowledge?: Yes I do. I have nearly achieved Completionist cape on Runesacpe 3 so I've already managed to learn tons about the game through that game. I also feel like I am pretty knowledgeable when it comes to server related information. Tell us a little about yourself:  My name is Ash and I love to play games, make music and workout. Anything else we should know?:  Nope 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to read my application.
    • Should do some type of hide and seek Halloween themed 😁 good job Jessica 👏 
    • Really cool event, good luck everyone! thanks for the event Jessica! 
    • Join our discord *click me*   Dear SeptoX Community, This announcement is regard Discord giveaways!  🎁🎊   What's going on?  We are hosting lots of giveaways in our official Discord server,  you are able to obtain seasonal Halloween items for FREE just by joining the discord! There are no limits on items that we are going to be giving out during the whole Halloween season.   Is there going to be an in-game event? We are currently working on the upcoming updates that will also include Halloween event, since the updated have been delayed a little, we have decided to host those discord giveaways! When the in-game event is LIVE, the discord giveaways won't stop! Both in-game, and giveaways on discord will be active throughout the season!   How do I enter giveaways and win items? All you have to do is click this link  and join our discord, hit the #events channel and enter the giveaways, everyone has the same chance to win, don't miss out! 🤩
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