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    • Hey everyone, This month's winner (July 2021) is @Ironic . You may contact SeptoX Administration to receive your 3x Super mystery box reward! You have also won a discord's title and will be applied to your for the entire month. Thank you to everyone who voted and participated! See you guys next month.     SeptoX Administration Team
    • I haven't played on this server for to long but I have had a great experience with the staff that I have talked to or seen chat with other players in regards to server info. Jessica - Very involved with chatting in game and making sure everyone knows she loves us (players)! Snixers - I haven't really had a chat with or seen to much so I can't speak to much on them, but with knowing the other staff I'm sure their great.  Sigil and Tomamaru - I have seen them help tons of people and I know I have been helped a lot by the two of them! Great staff members that are engaged the best they can when it comes to helping the players and when it comes to grinding and making sure the server is running smooth! Overall, you all are great! Thanks and keep up the great work. I look forward to seeing what the future content holds for the server!
    • (Owner)   Jessica - Updates server frequently, 8/10   (Global Moderator)   Sinxers - New mod (first time meeting), cant really say much    (Server Support)   Clarkkulver - Saw once when I first joined the server since then haven't seen them on at all 0/10  Sigil - Helps out when they can 7/10 Tomamaru - Cant beat me in Skill champion so I have to let them win. 10/10 for effort
    • jessica is amazing and a super cool friend makes good content and is easy to talk to and approach when needed toma so helpful helped me when i started  sigil has so much server info if u stuck ask him havent met the other staffs yet but im sure they are great as are all septox staff  
    • The staff are great always help and always polite 🥺
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