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    • Веб-скрейпинг для генерации или сбора лидов позволяет извлекать адреса электронной почты. [url=https://digitalcollections.clemson.edu/single-item-view/?oid=CUIR:5496365C70BFE4B0A5363BD9120E3932&b=https%3A%2F%2Fsbfactory.ru]digitalcollections[/url] Беру свои слова обратно - без проблем вылил все обои ( 3 744 файла, 3. [url=http://cemko.ru/index.php?subaction=userinfo&user=elatedlesion65]cemko[/url] И вот я начал капать интернет в поисках решения. [url=http://conso.durable2607.free.fr/index.php?file=Members&op=detail&autor=plantpiffle16]conso[/url]
    • SeptoX Beta   SEPTOX 909 BETA   We're delighted to announce the release for the SeptoX open Beta. (DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK)   WHAT IS IT? The open SeptoX Beta is the first chance for our valuable members to get their hands on the in-development newest septox version of their favorite RSPS. SeptoX on loading 909 fully-cross compatible with all desktop devices, so you can simply click the link to download the Beta client and start playing. To access the SeptoX open Beta, players must use download the new client. We have updated, and packed our client to load a newer cache revision. Once downloaded, the game can be launched normally from your desktop screen with 2 clicks.   DIGGING INTO THE NEW BETA! As a game developer and leader, I make it my mission to try and put a smile on players' faces. There is no better feeling than brining creations to life and them in front of you all to experience. These are the artistic, creative and technical expressions of our ventures. Developing a new powerful RSPS like this. Over the last 6 years is no small feat for us. SeptoX brings a new chapter of an epic story, intricate gameplay, big rewards, real challenges and mastery. There are lots new of unlocked content, starting from new map locations, new NPCs (Monsters/Bosses), new Items, new Dyes, new graphics, new core content!   I am very proud of the work the team put into this, it's true that we're still working but we have really progressed a lot, step-by-step everything is becoming real, introducing this wonderful creation!   NEW REBIRTH SYSTEM! Welcome to SeptoX Official EXP mode. Introducing a unique Experience & Leveling up system, the climb may be hard, but the view from the top is surely awesome. The farther you climb, the harder it becomes, can you climb the whole mountain? There will be no-longer different experience-modes, SeptoX will remain offering different game-modes however. SeptoX will only offer ONE experience mode. You will begin by 200x XP in each skill by reaching level 99 in the particular skill you may advance a new prestige rank. By advancing 10 prestige ranks you are able to advance a new rebirth rank. For each rebirth rank you advance you unlock a permanent skill perk such as (Rebirth 1x Attack skill) you get a small chance to hit 1 KO 1% for each rank! It's not only that, each rank you advance you also unlock unique rewards and for some skills you unlock specific areas. You will get to know about these features during the journey!   I LOGGED IN AND FOUND A SERVER REST? We VALUE YOUR PROGRESS. We have saved our drivers in a very safe place, please do not worry, your data is still safe! However since this is a Beta version of SeptoX, you will log-in and find yourself registering a new account. The purpose of registering a new account is that you will have to easily test through all the new content and test the stability of the new client by being forced to level-up the skills and going through areas! Once the Beta testing stage is over, when the official release comes out! We'll start restoring the data, all of the donations, hard work, ranks, will come back and converted to the new systems, nothing was lost.     BETA COMMANDS - SPAWN UNLIMITED ITEMS - FREE DONOR ZONES UNLOCKED! We have made everything available free and unlocked for everyone, donor zones are unlocked and can be easily accessed through the quests tab!   For accessing your bank, you can easily type in ;;bank or ;;b command!   For spawning items, it's a very easy process! You don't need an item list or whatsoever, all that you have got to do is: 1. Think of the item you'd like to spawn (For example: Blue party) 2. Type in the chat ;;itemn blue partyhat As you can see all of the ids are there! 3. type in the chat ;;item 1042 Spawn all the items you want and start testing content now!       ARE THERE ANY REWARDS FOR BREAKING THE GAME? Hell YES! To participate in this, we encourage you to join our discord! From there you can easily navigate through the channels (#beta, #bug-report, #suggestions) We're eager to hear your feedback on these updates. We are particularly interested in hearing your thoughts about the upcoming content, and all the fixes and improvements that has been made. There should be some of SeptoX old content not found in the beta, and that's exactly a very good point to report for our team to handle it with care! We are in the process of rebuilding SeptoX and repacking the server with SeptoX unique content!    To prevent false-positive bugs getting in for rewards. Understand that for each successful valid bug report, a x5 Death touched darts will be reserved as reward for it in the official release, however for each un-valid reported bug a x-5 Death touched darts will be taken from your total rewards! Repeated bugs won't count!   Let us know about all the bugs found, and what content are missing from the old SeptoX to bring it back! Rewards are going to be insane! For breaking-game bugs, rewards will go for unique title (GAME-BREAKER) on the official release.       We'll be keeping you up to date about when new update waves are on the way.   -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The SeptoX Team
    • SeptoX Beta     Get into SeptoX 2021 official relaunch Beta!     We’re delighted to confirm that we’re about to release the newest client platform of our newest version of SeptoX 'Beta! Unlimited spots will be available soon to download on a first come! Everything icey. We have recently updated our cache to one of the late revisions of the Official Runescape 3 revision (910), we are now able to load the latest Rs3 maps which unlocks lots of features that will be brought further into the gameplay SeptoX provides. Mining/Smithing remake, Newley released items by Jagex. Ice versions, Elite t80 upgraded versions, Archelogy content loading the World Map, Solak boss, and more!   When will the Beta go live? It's all about quality so we must ensure that the client our players will use is loading everything quiet smoothly. We have been working on this, ensuring the cross platform is ultra stable for you to be able to test the content freely! It should not take us long as we have been already progressing behind the scenes (ETA: Maximum of 48 hours from now)! Join our discord and get informed with latest updates! We encourage anyone to download our client, log in, and start playing.   What content can I expect in this Beta? The SeptoX Beta continues to develop and grow. Recent updates include the new re-work of all SeptoX EXP game modes being removed and updated to the new Rebirth system. Packing the game with custom perks which will be unlocked after advancing new rebirth ranks, an overhaul to the NPC bossing system (Adding new bosses, updating existing combat scripts, fixing previous issues with Nex and AoD), the introduction of more intuitive weapons and improvements to combat. The upgrade gem has been a very successful update SeptoX has made as Custom content different from Jagex, we're looking forward to expand the Upgrade Gem content and adding new upgrade gems especially, awesome feature to have especially after updating the cache with more new items! There have also been a discussion about achievement system idea to be improved, a bigger and wider Achievements system. Adding gambling to the game, along with lots of options to anti-scam restriction!   Of course, being a Beta, you should anticipate some imperfections. We are working very hard to ensure that the new SeptoX version will come the cleanest version ever, and we actively encourage players to send us their thoughts. Every bit of feedback helps. We welcome feedback in our discord (Bugs/Suggestions) channels!     Thanks ever so much for your ongoing support. Enjoy! Jessica 'GlamourGirl💜
    • Name: Lucifer Rng Time played (Please provide a screenshot ) attached. Timezone: Pacific Time Any past staff experiences?:  I've  had 0 staff experience in games. In life i've had tons of customer service experience. If that  helps at all With kind of person I am.  Mostly Fast food.  Why should we choose you over other applicants?:  Feel like everyone has an opportunity at something different. Acknowledging someone's interest. I know I'm Amazing   :)! Do you feel confident about your game knowledge?: I feel pretty confident on my gaming knowledge. Been enjoying the game ever since I step foot inside Septox. Tell us a little about yourself:  I like Horror Movies, & Food.  Spicy Chinese food always sounds good...  I'm like a stay at home house wife, who care gives for a relative.  \^o^/ LOVE MUSIC      Anything else we should know?: I'm a very Rare odd one   so optimistic. I can adapt easily.  Sometimes  unpredictable  ❤️ but Aren't we all. Thanks For Your   Time!    
    • It's nice to meet you to Artsa!
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