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    • Hello if you are here, you are probably looking to make some cash to help you started or maybe you want to learn about the server, in this post ill be showing  you how to have a better start.   VOTING :  Upon Entering the server you will be given choices in which game mode you want to play and exp rates, once you are done choosing your game mode, i highly recommend voting for the server as it helps the server much more than someone could think and you also get greatly rewarded.   TRAVELING : The way you can travel across Septox is by using the Quest tab Also known as the Septox Panel  MONEY MAKING : If you want to make some quick money at a very early stage, i Highly recommend jumping straight to woodcutting and chopping magic logs, then fletch them into magic shieldbows,  a Regular Magic log sells for 14k to the general store (you can find the ultimate shop npc at ::shops) and a fletched longbow sells for 40k (that is if you also add bowstrings to your unstrunged bows, if not then the unstrung shieldbows will be worth inbetween 25-30k. You can also Cut dragonstones for mad profit.   DEATHTOUCHED DARTS : If you are curious to what you should use death touched darts on, you can either save them for a nex trip or use them a kalphite king for a chance at drygores.   UPGRADE CHEST :             This is what the Upgrade chest look like, The way upgrade chest works, you can forge many upgrade items with some required materials (E.g Bandos chestplate) along with an upgrade gem that you can make with Gem Ashes and other components in a furnace You can get Gem ashes from elite slayer monsters and Gem Essence from the slayer point shop for 90 points. forge video.mp4 This is the window that should pop up once you use a gem component on a furnace you need a certain ammount of gem ashes and gem essence, along with an hydrix and a dragonbane bar for a 100% gem craft rate. However you can attempt a Gem craft once you achieve a 50% success rate or higher.   PRESTIGE SYSTEM : The Prestige System in Septox is Incredible, with lots of incredible rewards to pay off the backtracking the way prestiging works once you reach level 120 (104m exp) in a skill you may reset it for Prestige points and an advanced rank in that skill you prestiged some skills give rewards for example Attack. (i should mention that after rank 6 its 200m exp required)    These are the prestige shops.   If this helped you i am very glad that it did, more will be added in the future             forge video.mp4 forge video.mp4 forge video.mp4
    • Applicant must have 14 days in-game playtime to apply Applicant must not have outstanding or serious infractions taken against them Applicant must wait 30 days before posting another application  Applicant is not required to have previous experience   Name: Time played (Please provide a screenshot ) Timezone: Any past staff experiences?: Why should we choose you over other applicants?: Do you feel confident about your game knowledge?: Tell us a little about yourself: Anything else we should know?:   Thank you for taking the time to apply, please remember that we can not accept every application. This is a community decision and only the best candidates will be accepted. -SeptoX Development Team
    • Good luck @Ash this server could use more active staff due to more and more people coming in daily seeking help and knowledge!
    • Name: Ash Time played (Please provide a screenshot ) https://ibb.co/Zz6MbkT Timezone: GMT + 1 Any past staff experiences?: Yes. I was staff on a Minecraft server with 100-120 concurrent players daily for 6 months. I've also been staff on a Terraria server for around 9 months with 70-80 concurrent players daily,   Why should we choose you over other applicants?: I have a lot of free time for the next 2-3 months, so I will be very active just as I am at the moment. After that period of time I can still commit 3-5 hours per week day and 4-8 on weekends. Do you feel confident about your game knowledge?: Yes I do. I have nearly achieved Completionist cape on Runesacpe 3 so I've already managed to learn tons about the game through that game. I also feel like I am pretty knowledgeable when it comes to server related information. Tell us a little about yourself:  My name is Ash and I love to play games, make music and workout. Anything else we should know?:  Nope 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to read my application.
    • Should do some type of hide and seek Halloween themed 😁 good job Jessica 👏 
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