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  6. Introduction! Greetings everyone my name is OiiShadow i am from the UK, I am 23 years old i am also Known as Liam as oiiShadow was a clan name during xbox consol times, ive been playing rsps a long time under Names of death liam14 or Brownie so i decieded to switch things up and choose oiiShadow. so before i Join the server i wanna make a introduction to know me a bit better. what are your goals in Septox? Nornally il start off with a Normal account and Max it legitly and having fun on the server, get to know everyone and enjoy making new memories by PVM, Raids or casually skilling/chatting, then il move to iron man and Hardcore iron man. but focuse on one at a time what do you do out of Septox? welp.. sad to say im unemployed as finding work can be difficult for me, and during the pandemic i can't seem to find anything of my interest so as i have time, il spend time here. I also play other rsps such as Apollo, Autoscape and a few others but i stuck to those two as i gotten better. i also venture finding new rsps like small ones as a small server is better than a big one. I also play Garry mod time to time playing Star wars RP, Imvu i also have discord to chat with my friends. MY hobbies are Gaming/Anime/Music and browser through youtube and enjoying music in the background while playing a RSPS. Anything else you wanna add? Hopefully yo see you all in-Game, pleasure to meet you all my discord is OiiShadow#7172 if you like to know more feel free to send me a message and il reply back to you as soon as i can Thank you!
  7. Welcome Duskwater I am really happy to see you here, I am hope you're enjoying your time during this quarantine. Even though our own players are quarantining the server right now waiting for the updates hahaha, with the new updates coming everything should change quickly. I hope you'll enjoy your stay, and don't worry about money making, the goal will be fusing them new items and going as crazy as you like with linking perks to them. So much fun awaits, stay safe from COVID-19! Much love 🥰
  8. Yo whats good my in-game name is (Duskwater), it's a nick name given to me by middle school English teacher. Well with this COVID-19 bs going on, you going have me available fully committed to sever for about month, unless i find another job within MAY. After that i'll probably only be on weekends, because I already got a guarantee job line up, I just don't wanna work there lol. Well I haven't played a private sever in over 5 years honestly. Back in the day i would play a lot and have committed years to severs that were able to stay up for that long. I mainly play 667 and 718. My main sever I used play this sever called Solstice3 (shut down now) which I played for like 3 years on and off. So I get committed to severs. If you recognize the user name Snowman5 or Snowman5o that's me. And message to SnowKnight if you ever find this thread it's me Snowman5 from Arcadia667(ALso shut down for years) lol 🤣. Well I used to love making Guides back then so maybe ill make few. About Me I 20 years old turning 21 in June, Studying Electrical Engineering, starting my Senior year this fall almost done. Also I watch anime but I don't publicly disclose that information in real life. Also I will never have over 100m gp I suck at money making I just grind for everything lol.
  9. Hey there favorite people, I hope you're all having a good day. With all the new updates that are going to be seen LIVE soon, we've done some changes with our host providers to migrate our machine, we're not invulnerable to any type of 3, 4 or 7 Layers of DDoS attacks and whatsoever meaning we'll never be run across any future Downtime again. You will have to re-download the game client in order to be able to connect to our game servers once again. So here's the link! Keeping in mind the 'play' button up there works instantly too While our team is working very hard behind the scenes towards finishing up the newest UPDATES! 😍 We've decided to enable Player VS Player Dice Dueling, not only that Double XP + Double Drops are now active in-game! You don't have to worry just enjoy the game while we bring the latest updates for you! Stay on track with the team on discord. We recommend joining our discord if you'd like to a general chat, get in direct contact with the staff team and get updated before anyone else, we cannot wait to show you guys what do we have to offer you. Stay tuned! Happy Gaming, SeptoX
  10. Keep in mind that once those updates list up above is completed and green, then the poll will close and we'll take an action. Now, that's ONLY just literally the start! Because we have SO MANY PLANS and UPDATES!
  11. Fix the hardcore game mode too please
  12. Hello Septoxians It's been a while since you've last heard from us, and for that, we'd like to extend our most upmost apologies. Between juggling real life struggles, to dealing with a myriad of financial problems and interpersonal drama, it's been a rough couple of weeks, not just for the staff team, but for all of you as well. I want to personally thank each and every one of you who have stuck with us through thick and thin. Your commitment to the community and server has been unmatched and we cannot express our gratitude enough. To begin, my name is Broski and I am the new Co-owner of Septox. I stepped in when Septox was dealing with internal troubles that simply was unnecessary and unwarranted, and I have made it my goal to turn the server around. As you all have seen, Septox has taken a significant hit to its player base, however I have made it my goal to assist Jessica in any way I can in recovering what was lost. Whatever the end result may be, you have my word, I will not give up on you. The staff team has been working behind the scenes to bring you all some of the biggest updates and future content Septox has ever seen, including QOL improvements, Huge Revamps to the slayer system, Achievements, a completely New Boss, a New Skill, and So Much More Because of the vast majority of content being added, not everything will be added at once, therefore this thread will be constantly updated to track the progress of what's been completed as well as providing a to do list so you're all kept up to date, so make sure to check here periodically. Now on to the good stuff! Item Bonuses - Remake item bonuses system to match RS3 - Main/OH item bonuses calculations - Armor item bonuses calculations Achievements - Create new achievements interface for progression and rewards - Add new real achievements Custom Invention - Finish Base system - Create fusion interface - Create augmentation and item dissolving - Item storing FP - Unlock/Fuse items - Blood money - Create Perk system - New items - Item perks base - Item perks - Item perks limit to be linked to an item - Item perks linking handler - Item scrolls New Slayer System - Remake base system - Add fusion item handlers - Add task difficulties - Add task teleportations - 4 co-op team - Add more tasks - Add wilderness tasks Group Ironman - No trading to normal accounts - No drop trading to normal accounts - Can’t trade untradeables to group members - Shared bank (group members have access to these items if one member is offline, also all members will have a private bank) - Trading between group members - Drop trading within instances - 20x xp rates / 15% drop rate increase - if both players are online and have selected “shared xp” then the player doing combat gains his xp, + gives 10% to his group member, and likewise, the member woodcutting will give 10% of their xp to their group member who is doing slayer/combat. Again, this could be toggled. - When bossing both players to receive/have a chance at loot Hardcore Ironman - Fix Hardcore Ironman mode - Fix Hardcore Ironman highscores table Skilling Content - Adding all (10x/1) Skilling missions Construction Runecrafting Agility Herblore Thieving Crafting Fletching Hunter Farming Mining Smithing Fishing Cooking Firemaking Woodcutting Divination - Skilling missions base - Skilling Points - Skilling tasks streak - Vigor %: - Streaks - Rewards distrubtion - Resource Pouch - Vis wax - Skilling backpack - Skill Bill’s reward shop - Specialist - Skilling tasks interface *New Home* I like our current home.. uwu In addition to these great updates in work, we are also hard at work acquiring NXT, which would be a huge upgrade to the server. In order for us to do that however, there are donations incentives we must meet to be able to afford it. To meet those incentives, we will be releasing over 5 new Mystery Boxes, as well as brand new perks that will make your gaming experience even more enjoyable! We would also like to announce that we are bringing back Player vs Player Dice Duels, as well as throwing a number of fun events! One last announcement, for the next couple of weeks, we will run polls on what you guys think the future of Septox should be. Once the entirety of the update list up above is completed and green, then the poll will close, and the server will either reset or stay the same, whichever is voted for. Either way, the updates will be added regardless. Let me assure you, we are NOT shutting down, however the staff team has decided that some changes need to be made, changes that the COMMUNITY will decide. On that note, we are actively looking into acquiring advertising space, with both Jessica and I digging into our own funds to buy Ad Banners, Youtubers, etc. I want you guys know that this is NOT THE END of Septox, regardless of how the player base looks at the very moment, and we are working our asses off to bring you all a server and a community you can be proud to take part in. Thank you all for sticking around with us, and happy gaming!
  13. Name: Kthxbye Time played (Please provide a screenshot ) Timezone: GMT +3 Any past staff experiences?: No I haven't. Why should we choose you over other applicants?: I'm quite active, I am kind to newcomers and always happy to help anyone in need. Do you feel confident about your game knowledge?: I do feel confident about my game knowledge also I am happy to learn more ways of the eco and game system. I've played rsps and runescape quite a lot years. Also I'm a quick learner. So I'd be happy to help the community and server in any occasion. Anything else we should know?: I think that the time I am online, there isn't much staff online, so I'd be nice participant to fill the gap in the game when no staff is online
  14. Server is ONLINE! Please Re-download your client!
  15. Updated to include a few accomplishments. - Purchased Saradomin Halo - Purchased a Inferno Adze - Secured the full agile set from trivia - Won a dragon hatchet from a mbox - Achieved 9th prestige Divination and a few other random skills to prestige 1. I am currently at 82 hours of game time.
  16. Dave

    New Trivia Guide

    Since the last trivia guide is no longer here I have decided to post a new trivia guide. I will continuously update the guide when new trivia questions pop up. Points can also be redeemed at the shop at home in the bank. (see the bottom for images of the shop, i'm unsure how to embed them directly into the text area.) 1. A Ectophial takes you directly to where? Ectofuntus 2. Which Dagannoth King uses Range attacks? Dagannoth Supreme 3. What Crafting level do you need to make a Slayer Helmet? 55 4. Who is the oldest NPC in Runescape? Hans 5. How many Sacred Clay do you need for a harpoon? 1 6. What is the herb you need to make an Overload Potion? Torstol 7. What race is Thurgo Imcando dwarf 8. What is the upgraded version of Steadfast boots? Emberkeen boots 9. At what cooking level can you cook Pitta Bread? 58 10. Unscramble this NPC's name. Gravel Elvarg 11. Who is our meme master? Jessica 12. What god is said to bring balance? Guthix 13. What is the first name of the Gnome King? Narnode 14. How long does the Darklight take down a Tormented Demon's Shield? 60 seconds 15. Commander Zilyana is referred to as the keeper of what? Faith 16. How many trivia points is a Crystal Bow? 100 17. What Thieving level do you need to access the Flash Powder Factory? 75 18. What is death's first name? Harold 19. How many Vote Points is it for a Flaming Skull? (Unsure of answer at the moment, will update with correct answer once known) 20. Under which City is the Giant Mole located? Falador 21. What skill allows you to cut gems into weaponry? Fletching 22. What dungeon has the slayer monster Jelly inside of it? Fremennik 23. Server owners name? Jessica 24. What is the upgraded version of the Glaiven Boots? Flarefrost boost 25. How many fire runes does it take to make a Polypore Staff? 15000 26. How many Vote Points is a Rare Item Token? 25 27. What fruit can you grow at 47 Farming? Watermelon 28. What combined level in Attack/Strength do you need to enter the Warrior's Guild? 130 29. How many Ganodermic Flakes is it for a full set? 7000 30. What Herblore level do you need to clean a Wergali? 41 31. Which of Nex's minions infuses her with Ice? Glacies 32. In which city is the Black Arm Gang located in? Varrock 33. What is directly south of the Observatory? Castle Wars 34. Where are the slightly better tasting cabbages located? Draynor 35. What did the Wise Old Man steal from the Draynor Bank? Blue partyhat 36. What Attack level do you need for a Crystal Hatchet? 70 37. How many gardens are in the Sorceress's Garden? 4 38. Unscramble this City's name. Egrounda Ardougne 39. Which Dagannoth King uses magic attacks? Dagannoth Prime 40. Varrock is the capital of what Kingdom? Misthalin 41. What is the Goblin's name in the Port Sarim jail? Wormbrain 42. At what Firemaking level can you light an Oil Lantern? 12 43. How much kill count does it cost to open an instance in GWD2? 40 44. Who owns the Banana plantation in Karajama? Luthas 45. What item do you need to kill a Rockslug? Bag of salt 46. What is the upgraded version of Ragefire boots? Hailfire boots 47. Who is the ruler of ScapeRune? Evil bob 48. What skill allows you to cut uncut gems? Crafting 49. What is the name of the t90 weapons the Kalphite King can drop? Drygore 50. How many bars are required to make a Hasta? 1 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60.
  17. You know it - you debuff the knickers off them with your Ancient Magicks, and I'll summon an army of the undead to tear them apart. Perfect team.
  18. Welcome Sliske, hope we can be friends! Sliske & Fumus can be the new End-Game boss!
  19. Denied Please go commit homer
  20. Hello, beautiful people. I am Sliske. Let's see - I like Septox so far, and I'm looking forward to meeting more of you and watching the server grow. I came here after a string of bad romances with various other rsps - I'm very picky about where I play, and none of them quite made the cut. I enjoy reading and writing - I am part of an interactive story collab group where we all work together to write a story with interwoven character arcs and goals. Now that I think about it, it's sort of like a DND group without the DND, focused on world-building and story telling. Along with that, my other hobbies include gaming (the mount and blade series, and the sims games, are a favorite at the moment), sleeping, cooking, binge-watching Youtube and traditional archery, Mongol style. I don't like it when my internet cuts out, aaaand... that's about it. Generally a pretty down to earth, hard to ruffle individual I suppose. I try to be funny, and sometimes it might even work. My goals for Septox are just to have a good time, doing whatever skill comes to mind - that is, I don't really have a goal. Rest assured that whatever I decide to do, I will look damn sexy while doing it. Ta - looking forward to seeing you all in-game.
  21. Good luck on your staff application @Homer!
  22. Name: Homer Time played (Please provide a screenshot )180hours 40mins. Spoke to Zack and he said this way is ok due to not being sure on how to post a pic. Timezone: gmt+0 Any past staff experiences?: I was a helper on a different server but I stepped down due to things irl. Why should we choose you over other applicants?: I think you should choose me over other people because I’m on near enough every single day, I get on with everyone and try to help them best I can. Do you feel confident about your game knowledge?: yes I do Tell us a little about yourself: My name is james, I’m 23 and live in wales. In my spare time I like to play septox, watch YouTube. I also have 6 cats which is a nightmare at times. Anything else we should know?: I would be really grateful if you accepted my request. If you do I will try my hardest to be a great asset to the team.w
  23. Scarly

    Hey everyone.

    *Exposed* Damn why you gotta publicize it like that...
  24. Dave

    Hey everyone.

    Better get on it then. Doesn't look like you've done a lot thus far
  25. Scarly

    Hey everyone.

    Solid goal 100%. I'm trying to do the same on my iron cause priff is going to make life so much easier for us esp. in terms of the skills you mentioned. Plus, I wanna make combination potions .
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