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  2. Good luck @Ash this server could use more active staff due to more and more people coming in daily seeking help and knowledge!
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  4. Name: Ash Time played (Please provide a screenshot ) https://ibb.co/Zz6MbkT Timezone: GMT + 1 Any past staff experiences?: Yes. I was staff on a Minecraft server with 100-120 concurrent players daily for 6 months. I've also been staff on a Terraria server for around 9 months with 70-80 concurrent players daily, Why should we choose you over other applicants?: I have a lot of free time for the next 2-3 months, so I will be very active just as I am at the moment. After that period of time I can still commit 3-5 hours per week day and 4-8 on weekends. Do you feel c
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  6. Should do some type of hide and seek Halloween themed 😁 good job Jessica 👏
  7. Really cool event, good luck everyone! thanks for the event Jessica!
  8. Join our discord *click me* Dear SeptoX Community, This announcement is regard Discord giveaways! 🎁🎊 What's going on? We are hosting lots of giveaways in our official Discord server, you are able to obtain seasonal Halloween items for FREE just by joining the discord! There are no limits on items that we are going to be giving out during the whole Halloween season. Is there going to be an in-game event? We are currently working on the upcoming updates that will also include Halloween event, since the updated have been delayed
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  10. Did someone mention bugs: Here is current list of bugs that are not working: SeptoXBOT 02/10/2020 PVP does not work = In wilderness you are not able to attack other players. You cannot start combat with other person. I just does not let you attack other player. SeptoXBOT02/10/2020 skilling task: pure essence (mining) does not work. does not count. = Mining pure essence does not count towards. When you are trying to mine pure essence. The task does not progress SeptoXBOT05/10/2020 there is a typo in bronze platebody task, you cannot make bronze p
  11. Very well worded and easily understandable, I agree with @Guthix you should make this a hobby you do! 👏
  12. Thank you, thats an amazing tutorial. Plenty information. Good job, and my sanity love it too. Besides , now i dont have to contantly ask people anymore. I can just come here and see for myself.
  13. I was lost, but now I’m found, good job man!
  14. I absolutely love this Guide! You should definitely make this a thing you do! Much love and Stay Balanced my friend!
  15. Hello and welcome to my tutorial! This is going to be my very first tutorial on Septox! I'm trying to keep this as simple as possible. Almost all the information i'm giving here are on the pictures! My goal with this tutorial is to teach players how to make Upgrade gem. I'll be showing you what items are needed for Upgrade gem and show how those items are obtained. (I'm not going to explain in this tutorial how to use the gem / How to do reaper tasks or how to open raptors key chest.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------
  16. This is very good tutorial for newer players. ;;thread 54 Is one of my most commands by far 🥰
  17. Not very many take the time to go into detail like you did my friend, welcome to Septox enjoy your stay!
  18. Welcome to Septox @Vinegro nice to see another vet making it back into the rsps community!
  19. Silver Donator in game, thank you 🙏
  20. ‘wild vinegro has appeared what do you do?’ won’t blabber on and make yous read a pretty sad intro, but I’m Mike call me V or Vin, 22yos, have played rsps since 13yo had a 2 year break, now I’m back baby! see you all in game
  21. Gday Maxed! see you in game
  22. mother told me poison would kill me if consumed, we’ll see (I’m horrible I know) no homo man hey!
  23. tl;dr but I admire your passion, hey mate!!
  24. Knowledge content wise I guess good luck on your application mate :)!
  25. 466hrs!? mateeeeey best of luck on your application
  26. Haven’t seen you online a lot myself (just started a few days ago, good luck on your application
  27. Thanks @NzPurez, I’m loving the server so far and the amount of updates ive just read through are amazing and the whole reason I’m back on an rsps! Good job to SX Team
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