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  2. Hey everyone, This month's winner (July 2021) is @Ironic . You may contact SeptoX Administration to receive your 3x Super mystery box reward! You have also won a discord's title and will be applied to your for the entire month. Thank you to everyone who voted and participated! See you guys next month. SeptoX Administration Team
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  4. I haven't played on this server for to long but I have had a great experience with the staff that I have talked to or seen chat with other players in regards to server info. Jessica - Very involved with chatting in game and making sure everyone knows she loves us (players)! Snixers - I haven't really had a chat with or seen to much so I can't speak to much on them, but with knowing the other staff I'm sure their great. Sigil and Tomamaru - I have seen them help tons of people and I know I have been helped a lot by the two of them! Great staff members that are engaged the best t
  5. (Owner) Jessica - Updates server frequently, 8/10 (Global Moderator) Sinxers - New mod (first time meeting), cant really say much (Server Support) Clarkkulver - Saw once when I first joined the server since then haven't seen them on at all 0/10 Sigil - Helps out when they can 7/10 Tomamaru - Cant beat me in Skill champion so I have to let them win. 10/10 for effort
  6. jessica is amazing and a super cool friend makes good content and is easy to talk to and approach when needed toma so helpful helped me when i started sigil has so much server info if u stuck ask him havent met the other staffs yet but im sure they are great as are all septox staff
  7. The staff are great always help and always polite 🥺
  8. It's not terrible, relax.. you're server supporter! You're a nice person I am very happy to get to know you, and looking forward for lots and lots of memories to make together ❤️ Welcome to SX
  9. Good luck on reaching your goals.
  10. Hello! I'm Thomas or Tomamaru. I've been playing RuneScape and RSPS for as long as I can remember. This is the only server I play these days. I don't really know what to say about myself. I try to be friendly to everyone I meet. I hope that everyone has a wonderful day and thank you for reading this terrible introduction post.
  11. gee handsome huh crowded or not jessica will be my fave ❤️
  12. thankyou jessica you are an amazing person a good friend and a special lady x
  13. Hi Danny, it's very nice meeting a British handsome guy like you do! it won't take much until this community is crowded too. Also thanks, ❤️ #corrupted_owner
  14. You're super chill, and an awesome person. You had my vote for POMP! Very glad to see you here ps good luck on Rebirth 1 all skills though
  15. We already have Slayer helm upgrades
  16. bring in the slayer helmet upgrades from rs3 whereas each upgrade from 1-3 adds 5% then 10% then 15% damage against slayer task npcs
  17. lets break the record then haha a place is only as good as its leader though ❤️
  18. my aim is to have fun and obtain a max cape hope to make some good friends along the way
  19. hi septox community i am rampage aka danny been playing runescape too many years and came here for a new place to have fun and make friends away from old crowds hope to see you all ingame and gl with your gainz ps. JESSICA IS AMAZING and no i wasnt paid to say it 😛
  20. Let's break it. Game on! Feel yourselves 💘 SX is a better place featuring you .
  21. Okay I am gonna go second, I love to feel special, even though I might not show it x
  22. lets get to know the people we play with post one fact about yourself nobody knows yet!! ill go first im 1.97m tall or 6'4 and british
  23. Hi everyone, Vote for who you think deserves POTM (Player Of The Month) for the month of July! Poll ends after 3 days from original post date! Best of luck to everyone. Rules & Information: - The winner of this months POTM will win 3 Rebirth Mystery boxes (can be claimed on any game mode), a forum award, and also be in-game title 'Player Of The Month' for an entire month. - If you are caught asking others to come vote for you, your name will be removed from the poll. - If you are caught voting multiple times on multiple different accounts
  24. Welcome to the official SeptoX staff team feedback thread. We strive to ensure every player is well looked after & satisfied with the work put in by the staff team. Below is the current staff list, simply copy and paste the list and provide your feedback, keep everything constructive. (Owner) Jessica (Global Moderator) Snixers (Server Support) Clarkkulver Sigil Tomamaru
  25. Great job, so far Jessica! But you don't disappoint ever for the 5 years I've known you.
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