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  1. Hey everyone, This month's winner (July 2021) is @Ironic . You may contact SeptoX Administration to receive your 3x Super mystery box reward! You have also won a discord's title and will be applied to your for the entire month. Thank you to everyone who voted and participated! See you guys next month. SeptoX Administration Team
  2. It's not terrible, relax.. you're server supporter! You're a nice person I am very happy to get to know you, and looking forward for lots and lots of memories to make together ❤️ Welcome to SX
  3. Hi Danny, it's very nice meeting a British handsome guy like you do! it won't take much until this community is crowded too. Also thanks, ❤️ #corrupted_owner
  4. You're super chill, and an awesome person. You had my vote for POMP! Very glad to see you here ps good luck on Rebirth 1 all skills though
  5. We already have Slayer helm upgrades
  6. Let's break it. Game on! Feel yourselves 💘 SX is a better place featuring you .
  7. Okay I am gonna go second, I love to feel special, even though I might not show it x
  8. Hi everyone, Vote for who you think deserves POTM (Player Of The Month) for the month of July! Poll ends after 3 days from original post date! Best of luck to everyone. Rules & Information: - The winner of this months POTM will win 3 Rebirth Mystery boxes (can be claimed on any game mode), a forum award, and also be in-game title 'Player Of The Month' for an entire month. - If you are caught asking others to come vote for you, your name will be removed from the poll. - If you are caught voting multiple times on multiple different accounts
  9. Welcome to the official SeptoX staff team feedback thread. We strive to ensure every player is well looked after & satisfied with the work put in by the staff team. Below is the current staff list, simply copy and paste the list and provide your feedback, keep everything constructive. (Owner) Jessica (Global Moderator) Snixers (Server Support) Clarkkulver Sigil Tomamaru
  10. We're pleased to announce the beginning of the Adventure: SeptoX RSPS – the first chapter in the story of our new era. The recent cache update to our base updated everything: new items, NPCs, Objects and even map data renewed. Due to this, we have decided to take decent care of all the bugs that were found before moving to newer content updates! On behalf of SeptoX team, I would like to give special thanks to everyone who has participated in reporting the bugs! We thank you so much for being helpful, and reporting bugs with details for us to easily replicate and patch them. Be
  11. SX Official Team Hello everyone, With SeptoX Official release approaching. We've decided to refresh the team and give some new members a shot. Team Changes: Boy @Percy Jackson has been promoted to the Supporting team. ClarkKulver @ClarkKulver has been promoted to the Supporting team. We are hiring: Server Moderator Community Manager Event Manager If you are interested in one of our open positions, please post a server support application, or PM me directly if you are interested in a higher role like
  12. Welcome to the Official SeptoX server!! We are overjoyed to have you and hope you will enjoy your stay here. This server supply a lovely place for everyone to discuss all different aspects of the game, and generally gather the community to connect with each other and make the best memories as One family, so it’s not limited to only game, but you’re welcome to also open all type of discussions. With all types of discussions we may have here! There are some rules, which everyone has to follow. Kindly note that the following rules must be sticked to while being here: In-Game Rules
  13. Glad to have you here on SeptoX, good luck
  14. Welcome, everyone! SeptoX finally has a launch date, for those who are not aware we've been working on SeptoX for a long time now. We're glad to finally be in a stage where we are confident the game can go online. Our launch date is 9th July 9PM GMT + 1, you can find a countdown timer on the homepage of our forums. I know there is some time still to wait from the time we post this thread till launch but its the safest date for us to announce and it gives everyone a ton of time to get prepared and even invite their friends! I'll list a couple of the important questions her
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