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  1. SeptoX Beta SEPTOX 909 BETA We're delighted to announce the release for the SeptoX open Beta. (DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK) WHAT IS IT? The open SeptoX Beta is the first chance for our valuable members to get their hands on the in-development newest septox version of their favorite RSPS. SeptoX on loading 909 fully-cross compatible with all desktop devices, so you can simply click the link to download the Beta client and start playing. To access the SeptoX open Beta, players must use download the new client. We have updated, and
  2. SeptoX Beta Get into SeptoX 2021 official relaunch Beta! We’re delighted to confirm that we’re about to release the newest client platform of our newest version of SeptoX 'Beta! Unlimited spots will be available soon to download on a first come! Everything icey. We have recently updated our cache to one of the late revisions of the Official Runescape 3 revision (910), we are now able to load the latest Rs3 maps which unlocks lots of features that will be brought further into the gameplay SeptoX provides. Mining/Smithing remake
  3. SeptoX RSPS Competition. Hi folks, We've been hosting a Halloween's custom spooky effect competition, we were originally planning to use the effect for future updates and to apply these effects on Custom weapons and custom gear (Different type of content!) The way the competition work, *must have joined our discord's server*, heading to #server-media discord channel. To participate the command to apply effects is ;;spookme in-game, players were able to choose their custom color ids to generate a full-body-color-effect following up a formula and t
  4. Love this, amazing guy. Good luck! ❤️
  5. SeptoX 2020 Halloween Update! Shadies and Gentleghouls.... Mwa haha ha haaa ha..... it’s halloween!! For this week only there are some spooky halloween events running: Party Demon world event: The party demon is spawned very 3 hours by server time. The demon has 100,000 hit points! All weapons are allowed, and there's no restriction on using the Boogie bow in order to damage the demon or whatsoever. The maximum damage can be dealt in One hit is 1,000 hit. It's Multi-Area Boss so that you can invite your friends, gear up and get ready for an Epic fight! Be carefu
  6. Join our discord *click me* Dear SeptoX Community, This announcement is regard Discord giveaways! 🎁🎊 What's going on? We are hosting lots of giveaways in our official Discord server, you are able to obtain seasonal Halloween items for FREE just by joining the discord! There are no limits on items that we are going to be giving out during the whole Halloween season. Is there going to be an in-game event? We are currently working on the upcoming updates that will also include Halloween event, since the updated have been delayed
  7. October, 2020 Vote event Hello Septoxians, While we are getting our new website (TODAY) done, and advertisements being set and ready to go. We will continue these vote events as voting is very important in keeping up the Server on top of the popular toplists, we're expecting lovely changes for the server this month and we will try our best to provide bi-weekly or monthly updates. Your votes will help ensure that SeptoX is being noticed on all the toplists, so please continue to vote twice a day and ask your friends to vote as well! CLICK HERE TO VOTE
  8. SeptoX MEGA Updates! Hey SeptoXians, today we are very proud to announce the HUGE impact we have done affecting the PVM mechanic introducing new additions to Reaper Contracts, new slayer *re-work*, Upgrade gem 💎, Hydrix Jewelry Crating, Sophanem Dungeon, Death touched darts LIVE events, and much much more..! We are happy to see the Community are getting back together, and the player count is increasing on the past few days, as you can see, even if updates were delayed a little we are constantly working on packing the server with more amazing content for you, while we ge
  9. Amazing! I want to join sometime after I am done with latest updates xx
  10. What an introduction Very happy to see you here, welcome to SeptoX! ❤️
  11. Jessica


    Hey there, Guthiiiiixxxxx!! And welcome, hope you enjoy your stay. 😍🥰
  12. Hey Dave, it's always fun when you're around
  13. You are amazing! Lovely to see your around, TOP GRINDER! ❤️❤️
  14. SX Official Team Hello SeptoXians, It's a new era and we have some major staff team changes to announce. Our official website developer is officially joining the team, we've also decided to refresh the team and give some new members a shot. Before I start I'd like to give a massive thank you to those that are leaving the SX staff team via resignation, you're help with the community will not be forgotten and we wish you the best. To those of you who we have decided to refresh your position, we also thank you for your hard work and hope to see you around the commun
  15. Winners. Please be sure to PM me within 72 hours to get your reward!
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