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  1. Welcome Duskwater I am really happy to see you here, I am hope you're enjoying your time during this quarantine. Even though our own players are quarantining the server right now waiting for the updates hahaha, with the new updates coming everything should change quickly. I hope you'll enjoy your stay, and don't worry about money making, the goal will be fusing them new items and going as crazy as you like with linking perks to them. So much fun awaits, stay safe from COVID-19! Much love πŸ₯°
  2. Hey there favorite people, I hope you're all having a good day. With all the new updates that are going to be seen LIVE soon, we've done some changes with our host providers to migrate our machine, we're not invulnerable to any type of 3, 4 or 7 Layers of DDoS attacks and whatsoever meaning we'll never be run across any future Downtime again. You will have to re-download the game client in order to be able to connect to our game servers once again. So here's the link! Keeping in mind the 'play' button up there works instantly too While our team is working very hard behind the scenes towards finishing up the newest UPDATES! 😍 We've decided to enable Player VS Player Dice Dueling, not only that Double XP + Double Drops are now active in-game! You don't have to worry just enjoy the game while we bring the latest updates for you! Stay on track with the team on discord. We recommend joining our discord if you'd like to a general chat, get in direct contact with the staff team and get updated before anyone else, we cannot wait to show you guys what do we have to offer you. Stay tuned! Happy Gaming, SeptoX
  3. Keep in mind that once those updates list up above is completed and green, then the poll will close and we'll take an action. Now, that's ONLY just literally the start! Because we have SO MANY PLANS and UPDATES!
  4. Server is ONLINE! Please Re-download your client!
  5. We are planning to release (Revamped Slayer system + New Skilling system + Item fusion 'Custom Invention System' ) ALL TOGETHER. Great things require some time, be patient and TRUST the process! Full Discord bot (This is very useful, because soon enough you'll be able to do things like ;;updatemyroles automatically without the need to text any staff!) Current commands: #in-game sync no longer mention @everyone or @here in our discord. #market now only sends GE offers for items that worth more than (50M) ::wealth command has been disabled until we fix the lagging problem with it. Dice Bags (Added in-game) Mithril flowers (Added in-game) Deathtouched darts are no longer affected by (Ava, comp cape, perks) Deathtouched darts has been increased slighty in PvM Shop. Highscores has been updated (Added the new Novice ironman, Expert ironman, Nightmare ironman modes) Our homepage has been updated to load threads correctly. You no longer need to take off your aura when advancing a new prestige rank. World news will not longer send wrong messages upon advancing a new prestige rank. Auras will no longer vanish when banking 'Deposit worn items' You can now craft an off-hand Ascension crossbow Gold members++ has the ability to toggle all (Bones/ashes) dropped by all monsters to noted version. Meaning killing all demons, slayer creatures, strykewyrms or dragons the bones/ashes will be dropped noted. Platinum members++ can now use any mage spell without requirements for runes. Diamond members++ can now toggle all their drops to note! This means killing any monster whatever they drop it will be noted, VERY useful when farming the boss you like. Trivia shop now sells the correct Crystal bow. The amount of coins required to start Dbxp/Double drops event from bonus well has been increased to 250M now. Fixed all Clue scroll drops, increased the drop rates for it as well. Fixed Charms perk, and imp catcher: - now checks in the inventory of the player (if charming imp was found) charms will be sent to inventory - if charming imp wasn't found and perk is activated charms will be sent to bank - if both weren't found charms will be dropped on ground Ascension signets drop rates has been decreased. Tasks tab now shows all tasks completed Crafting Refined Anima Core now requires 3x Essences for each god, Legs requires 2x, and helm requires only 1x of each Essence. When selling any item to Chimes Shop now sends a confirmation More sell-able items have been added Chimes shop (To prevent selling items by mistake) You can now add money in trade screen when trading other player. When trading other player. The Trade wealth is now calculated and displayed correctly. Ironmen now has the ability to purchase UNLIMITED 'only' items from GrandExchange! As an ironman you will no struggle finding the items you need for skilling. You may also check all of the unlimited items available, and search for a specific item. The price of Abyssal wand, Abyssal Orb has been increased to match the price of the Abyssal whip. (6.1M) Dungeoneering Tokens chances have been buffed! 1.5x You will now receive (10-25 PvM points) upon completing a successful Barrows run. Fixed Trivia 'Wormbrain' Trivia answer. Added "Teleport to previous location" as 2nd option @Boat Feeling lucky? we've also added 100% Dicing games against the server (x55) NOT RIGGED I Swear! 😎 You can either place GP bet, or items bet it's your choice! We've currently set limitations on the system as it's still brand new and we don't you guys gambling your lives away! You are able to place 3x money/item bets every 2 hours, Meaning you have a total of 6 dice rolls every 2 hours. The current maximum amount of placing a bet is 150M, however those limitations aren't final and we would love to hear the feedback on this. Have fun and enjoy! Happy Gaming, SeptoX Team πŸ₯°
  6. Jessica

    Chimes Shop Guide

    Chimes Shop Guide Talk to the little guy 'Hazelmere' Located at home! Trade your items/gears for an exchange to receive Chimes that be spent on the following items below! Sellable items & their cost: Spirit Shields Spectral - 200 chime Arcane - 500 chime Elysian - 1000 chime Divine - 1500 chime Glacor Boots Steadfast - 300 chime Galiven - 300 chime Ragefire - 300 chime Gloves Static Gloves - 500 chime Tracking Gloves - 500 chime Pneumatic Gloves - 500 chime Razorback Gauntlets - 500 chime (PvM shop) Celestial Handwarps - 500 chime Ascension Grips - 250 chime Hydrix Equipment Amulet of souls - 1000 chime Deathtouched Bracelet - 1000 chime Reaper Necklace - 1000 chime Ring of Death - 1000 chime Nex Sets Torva Full Helm - 500 Chime Torva Platebody - 1000 Chime Torva Platelegs - 750 Chime Torva Gloves - 400 Chime Torva Boots - 400 Chime Pernix Cowl - 500 Chime Pernix Body - 1000 Chime Pernix Chaps - 400 Chime Pernix Boots - 400 Chime Virtus Mask - 500 Chime Virtus Robe Top - 1000 Chime Virtus Robe Bottom - 750 Chime Virtus Gloves - 400 Chime Virtus Boots - 400 Chime Virtus Wand - 500 Chime Virtus Book - 500 Chime Gwd2 Items Dormant Anima Core Pieces - 75 Chime ea All of the Anima Core Pieces - 500 Chime ea All Refined Anima Core Pieces - 1000 Chime ea Dragon Rider Lance - 1500 Chime Shadow Glaive - 1500 Chime Off-hand Shadow Glaive - 1350 Chime Wand of the Cywir Elders - 1500 Chime Orb of the Cywir Elders - 1000 Chime Blade of Nymora - 1000 Chime Blade of Avaryss - 1000 Chime Zaorsian Essence - 250 Chime Sliskean Essence - 250 Chime Zamoriak Essence - 250 Chime Sirenic Essence - 250 Chime Attuned Crystal items Attuned Crystal shield - 350 Chime Attuend Crystal Deflector - 350 Chime Attuned Crystal Ward - 350 Chime Attuned Crystal Halberd - 350 Chime Attuned Crystal Dagger - 350 Chime Attuned Crystal Bow - 350 Chime Attuned Crystal Chakram - 350 Chime Attuned Crystal Staff - 350 Chime Attuned Crystal Wand - 350 Chime Attuned Crystal Orb - 350 Chime Stone Armors Gemstone Helm - 500 Chime Gemstone Body - 1000 Chime Gemstone Legs - 750 Chime Gemstone Gloves - 500 Chime Gemstone Boots - 500 Chime Dragonstone Helm - 75 Chime Dragonstone Body - 75 Chime Dragonstone Legs - 75 Chime Dragonstone Gloves - 75 Chime Dragonstone Boots - 75 Chime PvP Gear Statius's Full Helm - 125 Chime Statius's Statius's Platebody - 175 Chime Statius's Platelegs - 150 Chime Statius's Warhammer - 200 Chime Vesta's Chainbody - 175 Chime Vesta's Plateskirt - 150 Chime Vesta's Longsword - 200 Chime Vesta's Spear - 150 Chime Morrigan's Coif - 125 Chime Morrigan's Leather Body - 175 Chime Morrigan's Leather Chaps - 150 Chime Morrigan's Throwing Axe - 4 Chime ea Morrigan's Javelin (p) - 5 Chime ea Morrigan's Javelin (p+) - 6 Chime ea Morrigan's Javelin (p++) - 7 Chime ea Zuriel's Hood - 125 Chime Zuriel's Robe Top - 175 Chime Zuriel's Robe Bottom - 150 Chime Zuriel's Staff - 150 Chime Ports Gear Tetsu Helm - 50 Chime Tetsu Body - 100 Chime Tetsu Legs - 75 Chime Seasinger's Hood - 50 Chime Seasinger's Robe Top - 100 Chime Seasinger's Robe Bottom - 75 Chime Death Lotus Hood - 50 Chime Death Lotus Chestplate - 100 Chime Death Lotus Chaps - 75 Chime Dyes Barrows Dye - 1000 Chime Shadow Dye - 1000 Chime Third-Age Dye - 1000 Chime Blood Dye - 1000 Chime Rares All H'weens - 1500 Chime ea All Partyhats - 2500 Chime ea Santa Hat - 2000 Chime T90 Equipment Tectonic Mask - 1750 Chime Tectonic Body - 2250 Chime Tectonic Legs - 2000 Chime Seismic Wand - 2000 Chime Seismic Singularity - 2000 Chime Sirenic Mask - 1500 Chime Sirenic Body - 2000 Chime Sirenic Legs - 1750 Chime Ascension Crossbow - 1500 Chime Malevolent Helm - 1750 Chime Malevolent Body - 2250 Chime Malevolent Legs - 2000 Chime Drygore Rapier- 1500 Chime Drygore Longsword - 1500 Chime Drygore Mace - 2000 Chime Malevolent Kiteshield - 1000 Chime Merciless Kiteshield - 1000 Chime Vengful Kiteshield - 1000 Chime Noxious Staff - 2500 Chime Noxious Scythe - 2500 Chime Noxious Longbow - 2500 Chime Please report any missing items! πŸ˜‹
  7. Welcome back! 😭
  8. Hey guys πŸ˜„! Hope your quarantine is going well and you're not so bored staying at home. With everything's thats been going on the outside world.. We've decided to completely patch all the current client problems that has been found previously in order for you guys to enjoy the game to the fullest potential. With this update: You will no longer experience any kind of black screens. (OpenGL) You will no longer get your bank interface getting automatically closed. Or any other of interfaces in-game generally. You will no experience this annoying problem out of no where Before we get into the client tips & tricks customized options. Please once you download the new client make sure that your graphics settings is set to OpenGL. Follow the .GIF if you're having any troubles with setting it. Feel free to customize the client settings to your liking. - The two most common used options: Removing roof-tops Client Highest quality for game-play. All of the custom graphics options work. So feel free to change pick what suits you the most. ---- The new client download link! Stay home, Stay safe! Happy Gaming πŸ₯€
  9. Updates #3 Before we get into the current updates, I'd like to inform everyone that our team is currently working very hard behind the scenes towards progressing more and more to the new custom invention skill. I'd rather not get into more details before it's released. However, we're not just about adding new item perks, custom special attacks. But, we're also thinking about adding new custom bosses as well, stay tuned. Server Updates: Discord webhook integration has been implemented. You may also directly post any bugs/suggestions to our discord from in-game by typing ;;bug/;;suggestion Server Updates: Double XP, Double drops tickets has been added to the game. When claimed, the tickets will grant you 15 minutes of double experience, or double drops. The double exp tickets stacks up with the current active exp events (i.e. if there's an active dbxp event then activating this ticket will grant you 15 minutes of 3x exp!) however; double drops ticket doesn't stack. Added small, medium, and large protean packs. PvM Shop item rotations have been changed. (Updated items bonuses will be displayed below) - The new changes - - Fremennik equipment patch - We've added the superior (t65) of Fremennik equipment patch loading the correct item bonuses from Rs3 wiki. - The t65 gear sets are not weak, and not too strong meaning it's a very good gear to help you getting started with the PVM journey. - Dragon Rider amulet (12,000 PvM points) - Razorback gauntlets (8,000 PvM points) - Staff of darkness (57,000 PvM points) - Attuned crystal bow (40,000 PvM points) - Mizuyari (63,000 PvM points) - Ancient Equipment patch (6,000 PvM Points) - Deathtouched darts (3,000 PvM points) Corrected Arcane stream necklace bonuses. Added Farsight sniper necklace, Brawler's knockout necklace. Updated Amulet of fury (t), Amulet of fury (or) bonuses. Added the amulet of forsaken (Slightly better than fury) Updated the price of all nex boots to 25,000,000 gp. All PK gear is now tradeable. Christmas cracker has been removed from SoF. Added the Expert skillcape shard bag. Prayer flasks have been added to the flasks store. Super antifire flasks have been added to the flasks store. Increased the amount of all tablets in the general store. The price of dragon full helm, and ruby bolts (e) has been slightly increased. All types of bolts amount has been increased in the ranged store. Added all off-hands weaponry to melee, and ranged stores. You can now smith Protean bars. You can now fire Protean logs. Bloodweeds has been added to G.E unlimited table, with increased price. You can no longer access your bank anywhere by using the drops prediction command ;;drops 1 1 *forget to mention* We no have a new player examining interface (shows inv + equipment) You will receive more vote points upon voting now. Fixed the gunman IV achievement reward giving logs instead of Ckeys. Plat++ members can now wear Tokhaar capes without requirement. Added Camel staff to the Camel warrior drop tables. Added Ripper claws to the Ripper demon drop tables. Fixed the tasks tab to correctly show the current player rank. Updated the PvM points table 'click here' New game modes Updated Hazelmere chimes shop rotations. Update Prestige stores (Check 'em out in-game πŸ˜‰ ) Added Wyvern crossbow The entire mystery box rotations have been changed. (Still not gonna share the loot table as it's a mystery box, however lots of new items has been added.)😜 Conclusion: Wow, that took 2 hours to go through and I probably even missed a few things. I look forward to continuing this progress behind the scenes. The new content is going to KILL IT, it won't be easy for our old members to adapt with. We ask you for your patience and positive feedback so we can continue to make SeptoX a great game for everyone. Let's bring this thing back to the top. Long live SeptoX!
  10. Updates #1 Client updates: Server Updates: Updated new 60 trivia questions. You will no longer be kicked for being AFK, you will be sent to a new AFK area instead. Ascension crossbow stats will no longer be lowered upon degrading. You can now sell all Gwd2 items to chimes shop. Kalphite king teleport has been fixed. You can now view all your collected items from any boss in-game. Boss timers has been added supports: Streak, Highscore, and total kill count. Angel Of Death items drop rate has been increased. All of the items that were missing from all bosses has been added to their drop tables. Sunfreet will no longer restore it's HP during a fight. Sunfreet has a new drop (Dragon's eye), this eye can be used at Dominion Tower's face for a chance winning a dominion tower weapon. Added Tectonic energy crafting just like Rs3. Added Protean crafting, fletching, hunter, smithing just like Rs3. Added Protean converting Added Crystal Triskelion. Added Ectofunuts just like rs2012. Added Arcane Capacitor amulet, lunar magic spell (Borrowed power) spell. Added Chic scarf with colours, can only be obtained through SeptoX Mystery box. Gwd2 Ingression Fragment dialogue has been fixed. Added Slayer bell to Lure Molanisks shop. You will no longer have an issue with herbicide interface. Added the amazing recolourable pet Freezy, can only be obtained through SeptoX Mystery box. Top 10 wealthiest player interface has been disabled at the moment. Added full small/large rune pouches, just like Rs3. Collection log, Boss timers Media: More to come soon, please stay tuned! - SeptoX Team
  11. Hello, I love Sean!
  12. Super Happy to announce you can all start your adventures right NOW! Best of luck warriors and happy gaming! πŸ₯³πŸ”₯ Client is available to Download: Here
  13. Hello & Welcome to SeptoX, SeptoX has a near-endless potential for hours and hours of immersive game-play. If you are interested in playing an RSPS that can be thoughtful, engaging and intelligent, and provide some real challenge while they’re at it, you’ve just landed on the right project! Our main goal is letting the players enjoy the server as much as possible. Think about it, Experiencing RS3 content but with our lovely old 2012 RS2 revision, Our game is powered by the powerful and profound language of Java. We are currently the Revision 718 Protocol loading latest RS3 indexed cache, whenever RS3 wiki updates, we will be update. Here in Divinity, we provide an active and interactive community for all players, new and old, along with experienced developers who strive for your enjoyment. Join our discord for the latest news! Discord: https://discord.me/septox Stay tuned, ETA release 20/12/2019! SeptoX Staff -
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