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  1. Name: Kthxbye Time played (Please provide a screenshot ) Timezone: GMT +3 Any past staff experiences?: No I haven't. Why should we choose you over other applicants?: I'm quite active, I am kind to newcomers and always happy to help anyone in need. Do you feel confident about your game knowledge?: I do feel confident about my game knowledge also I am happy to learn more ways of the eco and game system. I've played rsps and runescape quite a lot years. Also I'm a quick learner. So I'd be happy to help the community and server in any occasion. Anything else we shoul
  2. FLETCHING Hey there fellas! Letting out another guide for you and newcomers. Simple steps for 99 Fletching. About the skill: Fletching is the skill in which you create ranging supplies from items as: Bowstrings, unstrung bows, logs, shafts, feathers etc. Getting started: Simply go to the boat at the riverside, click on a boat and choose skilling, then go to woodcutting and get some logs for yourself. Simply start with crafting arrowshafts or shortbow (u). Fastest way to level fletching is bows. There are two ways getting logs for fletching. 1st way is to chop them f
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