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  1. Hello Septoxians It's been a while since you've last heard from us, and for that, we'd like to extend our most upmost apologies. Between juggling real life struggles, to dealing with a myriad of financial problems and interpersonal drama, it's been a rough couple of weeks, not just for the staff team, but for all of you as well. I want to personally thank each and every one of you who have stuck with us through thick and thin. Your commitment to the community and server has been unmatched and we cannot express our gratitude enough. To begin, my name is Broski and I am the new Co-owner of Septox. I stepped in when Septox was dealing with internal troubles that simply was unnecessary and unwarranted, and I have made it my goal to turn the server around. As you all have seen, Septox has taken a significant hit to its player base, however I have made it my goal to assist Jessica in any way I can in recovering what was lost. Whatever the end result may be, you have my word, I will not give up on you. The staff team has been working behind the scenes to bring you all some of the biggest updates and future content Septox has ever seen, including QOL improvements, Huge Revamps to the slayer system, Achievements, a completely New Boss, a New Skill, and So Much More Because of the vast majority of content being added, not everything will be added at once, therefore this thread will be constantly updated to track the progress of what's been completed as well as providing a to do list so you're all kept up to date, so make sure to check here periodically. Now on to the good stuff! Item Bonuses - Remake item bonuses system to match RS3 - Main/OH item bonuses calculations - Armor item bonuses calculations Achievements - Create new achievements interface for progression and rewards - Add new real achievements Custom Invention - Finish Base system - Create fusion interface - Create augmentation and item dissolving - Item storing FP - Unlock/Fuse items - Blood money - Create Perk system - New items - Item perks base - Item perks - Item perks limit to be linked to an item - Item perks linking handler - Item scrolls New Slayer System - Remake base system - Add fusion item handlers - Add task difficulties - Add task teleportations - 4 co-op team - Add more tasks - Add wilderness tasks Group Ironman - No trading to normal accounts - No drop trading to normal accounts - Can’t trade untradeables to group members - Shared bank (group members have access to these items if one member is offline, also all members will have a private bank) - Trading between group members - Drop trading within instances - 20x xp rates / 15% drop rate increase - if both players are online and have selected “shared xp” then the player doing combat gains his xp, + gives 10% to his group member, and likewise, the member woodcutting will give 10% of their xp to their group member who is doing slayer/combat. Again, this could be toggled. - When bossing both players to receive/have a chance at loot Hardcore Ironman - Fix Hardcore Ironman mode - Fix Hardcore Ironman highscores table Skilling Content - Adding all (10x/1) Skilling missions Construction Runecrafting Agility Herblore Thieving Crafting Fletching Hunter Farming Mining Smithing Fishing Cooking Firemaking Woodcutting Divination - Skilling missions base - Skilling Points - Skilling tasks streak - Vigor %: - Streaks - Rewards distrubtion - Resource Pouch - Vis wax - Skilling backpack - Skill Bill’s reward shop - Specialist - Skilling tasks interface *New Home* I like our current home.. uwu In addition to these great updates in work, we are also hard at work acquiring NXT, which would be a huge upgrade to the server. In order for us to do that however, there are donations incentives we must meet to be able to afford it. To meet those incentives, we will be releasing over 5 new Mystery Boxes, as well as brand new perks that will make your gaming experience even more enjoyable! We would also like to announce that we are bringing back Player vs Player Dice Duels, as well as throwing a number of fun events! One last announcement, for the next couple of weeks, we will run polls on what you guys think the future of Septox should be. Once the entirety of the update list up above is completed and green, then the poll will close, and the server will either reset or stay the same, whichever is voted for. Either way, the updates will be added regardless. Let me assure you, we are NOT shutting down, however the staff team has decided that some changes need to be made, changes that the COMMUNITY will decide. On that note, we are actively looking into acquiring advertising space, with both Jessica and I digging into our own funds to buy Ad Banners, Youtubers, etc. I want you guys know that this is NOT THE END of Septox, regardless of how the player base looks at the very moment, and we are working our asses off to bring you all a server and a community you can be proud to take part in. Thank you all for sticking around with us, and happy gaming!
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