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  1. I'm going to be honest if i would have followed a guide like this when i first joined i probably wouldn't of had as much struggle as i did when i was doing GWD lol. I love how you took the time and effort to make the guide detailed and easily understandable for new players looking for some possible guidance. Great guide
  2. Good luck @Ash this server could use more active staff due to more and more people coming in daily seeking help and knowledge!
  3. Should do some type of hide and seek Halloween themed 😁 good job Jessica 👏
  4. Very well worded and easily understandable, I agree with @Guthix you should make this a hobby you do! 👏
  5. Not very many take the time to go into detail like you did my friend, welcome to Septox enjoy your stay!
  6. Welcome to Septox @Vinegro nice to see another vet making it back into the rsps community!
  7. Excited for the hand cannon 😬 good work Jessica! 👏
  8. hello my names maxed aka levi, im 23 and I've been apart of the rsps community for what seems like forever now. 718+ servers have always been my favorite ever since matrix came out. Looking forward to seeing this community grow as I've been looking at a lot of Jessica's work and its very impressive. Got a great developer here
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