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  1. Amazing tutorial right here! Easy to read, great formatting & overall includes all details needed about prestages!
  2. Ironic

    Lake is here

    Welcome to Septox Lake! Really glad to hear that i was able to help you out in the beginning. Good luck with the progress 🥰
  3. Talking about fashion show! Contestants really showed their best outfits 😍 Decision wasn't easy for me but managed to find my favourite
  4. Applicant must have 14 days in-game playtime to apply Applicant must not have outstanding or serious infractions taken against them Applicant must wait 30 days before posting another application Applicant is not required to have previous experience Name: Time played (Please provide a screenshot ) Timezone: Any past staff experiences?: Why should we choose you over other applicants?: Do you feel confident about your game knowledge?: Tell us a little about yourself: Anything else we should know?: Thank you for taking the
  5. Did someone mention bugs: Here is current list of bugs that are not working: SeptoXBOT 02/10/2020 PVP does not work = In wilderness you are not able to attack other players. You cannot start combat with other person. I just does not let you attack other player. SeptoXBOT02/10/2020 skilling task: pure essence (mining) does not work. does not count. = Mining pure essence does not count towards. When you are trying to mine pure essence. The task does not progress SeptoXBOT05/10/2020 there is a typo in bronze platebody task, you cannot make bronze p
  6. Hello and welcome to my tutorial! This is going to be my very first tutorial on Septox! I'm trying to keep this as simple as possible. Almost all the information i'm giving here are on the pictures! My goal with this tutorial is to teach players how to make Upgrade gem. I'll be showing you what items are needed for Upgrade gem and show how those items are obtained. (I'm not going to explain in this tutorial how to use the gem / How to do reaper tasks or how to open raptors key chest.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. This is very good tutorial for newer players. ;;thread 54 Is one of my most commands by far 🥰
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