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  1. This is a visually and mentally satisfying guide, good job with making this! however, when going from dscim to next weapon, i personally, would recommend smashing out 25 easy slayer tasks, getting the abyssal whip via achievements, farming a few drags for bones and then heading to revs, whilst training all melee stats to 99 and then getting the xp required to prestige attack as the tzhaar whip can be used from level one and the "tier 7" version of the whip itself is almost better then the choatic rapier if not better.
  2. Really cool event, good luck everyone! thanks for the event Jessica!
  3. I was lost, but now I’m found, good job man!
  4. Silver Donator in game, thank you 🙏
  5. ‘wild vinegro has appeared what do you do?’ won’t blabber on and make yous read a pretty sad intro, but I’m Mike call me V or Vin, 22yos, have played rsps since 13yo had a 2 year break, now I’m back baby! see you all in game
  6. Gday Maxed! see you in game
  7. mother told me poison would kill me if consumed, we’ll see (I’m horrible I know) no homo man hey!
  8. tl;dr but I admire your passion, hey mate!!
  9. Knowledge content wise I guess good luck on your application mate :)!
  10. 466hrs!? mateeeeey best of luck on your application
  11. Haven’t seen you online a lot myself (just started a few days ago, good luck on your application
  12. Thanks @NzPurez, I’m loving the server so far and the amount of updates ive just read through are amazing and the whole reason I’m back on an rsps! Good job to SX Team
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