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  1. It's nice to meet you to Artsa!
  2. Hi my name is Chris, I'm quite new to Septox, I played a lot of oldschool runescape but not very much rs3 but so far I really enjoy the server and the community even more so. I'm 26 years old and in my spare time I enjoy playing video games, watching movies and listening to good music (old is gold). I'm always nice to anyone and everyone I meet and show as much respect as is given and I enjoy a nice chat ❤️ I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and to see what the future holds and where the server will go . It has already blew my expectations right out the water!
  3. I found the tiles a little tricky but once i figured it out i got it done. But all in all amazing work it was A LOT of fun :))
  4. Goodluck artsa, you do play a lot and and always there to help when i've asked
  5. Hello my name is Chris, Just Chris. 😄 My game time is: 361hrs My time zone is: GMT Hi 👋 a little bit about myself I'll keep it short and sweet I'm 26 years old I enjoy spending my spare time listening to good music watching movies and playing Septox enjoying the game and the really nice community. I would like to apply for a position to help out whenever and wherever I can with whatever I can help with.😀I've had staff positions on servers ranging from server support to co-owner and everything else in-between. I know a bit about coding (317) but I am happy to learn more about
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