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  1. Hey guys 😄! Hope your quarantine is going well and you're not so bored staying at home. With everything's thats been going on the outside world.. We've decided to completely patch all the current client problems that has been found previously in order for you guys to enjoy the game to the fullest potential. With this update: You will no longer experience any kind of black screens. (OpenGL) You will no longer get your bank interface getting automatically closed. Or any other of interfaces in-game generally. You will no experience this annoying problem out of no where Before we get into the client tips & tricks customized options. Please once you download the new client make sure that your graphics settings is set to OpenGL. Follow the .GIF if you're having any troubles with setting it. Feel free to customize the client settings to your liking. - The two most common used options: Removing roof-tops Client Highest quality for game-play. All of the custom graphics options work. So feel free to change pick what suits you the most. ---- The new client download link! Stay home, Stay safe! Happy Gaming 🥀
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