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Found 4 results

  1. Septox Prestige 101 Hello friends of the Septox community. Today I am going to make a quick guide on how to prestige and what benefits you can get from the prestige shops. First I will cover the experience needed for each game mode to prestige a skill. In Septox you prestige skills individually to get some cool rewards. Novice Prestige 1 - 4: 50m Prestige 5-7: 104m Prestige 8-10: 150m Expert Prestige 1 - 4: 25m Prestige 5-7: 53m Prestige 8-10: 75m Nightmare Prestige 1 - 4: 12.5m Prestige 5-7: 28m Pr
  2. Welcome to SeptoX Official Starter Guide (NOTE : THIS GUIDE MAY BE FAST OR SLOW DEPENDING ON YOUR EXP RATES). First Steps (1) : COMBAT FROM LEVEL 1 -> 99 The first thing you should do upon entering Septox is ;;vote , Voting gives incredible rewards and helps the server a lot, you get mystery boxes and deathtouched darts from voting. (You can find the voting shop in the home bank building). You have chosen your EXP Rates and your gamemode, you may train your stats to base 60's (attack, strenght, defence) at ;;train Once you have reached base 60's i recommen
  3. Hello and welcome to my tutorial! This is going to be my very first tutorial on Septox! I'm trying to keep this as simple as possible. Almost all the information i'm giving here are on the pictures! My goal with this tutorial is to teach players how to make Upgrade gem. I'll be showing you what items are needed for Upgrade gem and show how those items are obtained. (I'm not going to explain in this tutorial how to use the gem / How to do reaper tasks or how to open raptors key chest.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. FLETCHING Hey there fellas! Letting out another guide for you and newcomers. Simple steps for 99 Fletching. About the skill: Fletching is the skill in which you create ranging supplies from items as: Bowstrings, unstrung bows, logs, shafts, feathers etc. Getting started: Simply go to the boat at the riverside, click on a boat and choose skilling, then go to woodcutting and get some logs for yourself. Simply start with crafting arrowshafts or shortbow (u). Fastest way to level fletching is bows. There are two ways getting logs for fletching. 1st way is to chop them f
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