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Fumus' Introduction

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    Hey guy's, since I haven't gotten a chance to meet all of you yet, I figured i'd make my introduction here.

    Now let's get the obvious question out of the way,

    Who am I?

    I've worked with Jessica in numerous previous projects, starting with 'Glamourscape', and SeptoX v1 soon after.

    We've been working together for over 6 years now as her Co-Owner, and I can tell every one of you that watching Jessica grow over those three years, not only in her programming, but in her communication, and community management skills, she has come very far, and i'm very proud of her for everything she does having been there with her through some rough times. I'll continue to keep her motivated and help her in any ways possible to guarantee SeptoX is her best project yet.


    Who am I, but for real?

    Im Zack, I currently live in the 190 mile long semi-frozen wasteland, otherwise known as New Hampshire, USA

    As previously stated, I have over 6 years of experience being an RSPS Owner, as well as community management, and much longer throughout Runescape and Private Servers.

    Outside of Divinity I like to work on both my 17' and 10' Dodge Charger, and my 02' Katana 600     

    What do I do?

I currently work in IT as a Support Analyst for a military contractor, constantly learning new skills.


Some of my skills include;

    3DS Max (3D modelling) 

    Photoshop (Though, not a professional in any way) 

    Unreal Engine 3 & 4 (Though, this doesn't help much here)

    Very little coding (Mostly just editing, thanks Jess)


    MyBB, Invision Power Boards, and the infamous Proboards (Forum software)

    As well as some other lesser important things you'll learn over time.


    What do I hope to achieve with SeptoX?

    Every time Jessica starts a new project, she always tells me what her goals are, and that goal is always the same. I hope to finally achieve this goal with her, as she's deserved to achieve this for a long time now.

    Aside from pushing Jessica and our staff team to do our best I hope to achieve success within our community. Our staff team is filled with long time members of our community, who are very knowledgeable and professional. 

    We will ARE be the best

    My goal is to work closely with every player willing and make this server the best it can be. I will ALWAYS listen to everyone's issue's, and suggestion's, and work with the community to make a change.

    I want to achieve fairness throughout SeptoX, whether that be during event's hosted by our staff member's, or preventing SeptoX from becoming Pay to Win.


    Thank you for taking the time to read,

    I'm glad to be a member of this community!

Happy Gaming!


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