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SeptoX 718 # RSPS | Reborn - *MEGA* Updates #7

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SeptoX #7 MEGA Updates!


Hey SeptoXians, today we are very proud to announce the HUGE impact we have done affecting the PVM mechanic introducing new additions to Reaper Contracts, new slayer *re-work*, Upgrade gem 💎, Hydrix Jewelry Crating, Sophanem Dungeon, Death touched darts LIVE events, and much much more..! 


We are happy to see the Community are getting back together, and the player count is increasing on the past few days, as you can see, even if updates were delayed a little we are constantly working on packing the server with more amazing content for you, while we get our website done. So that; Soon, we'll be able to start advertising our brand and we are expecting to hit the Top Servers spot for the High Revision RSPS! If you haven't joined our discord already be sure, to join the server's discord we welcome you!


I would like to place a note here, speaking as the Owner of the game. SeptoX does not plan to RESET the server under any circumstances, we have a balanced ECO and we value your efforts & countless hours spent on your account! Hall Of Fame is going to be a real thing soon , this decision is final and if there's any changes that'd affect your account in anyway we'll make sure none loses any progress and that you're informed beforehand!

I couldn't prove my words more however with a change like this, we are making Elite Gear obtainable in-game from the REAL way and with that being included some of you may have obtained Elite gear from Super mystery boxes. So, we feel that is unfair for other players and we wanted to remove Elite Gear from the ECO. As mentioned above, we always make sure the changes we want WILL NOT affect your account progress in anyway; If you login to your account after this update and find Super Mystery boxes in your inventory/bank, those are because we have removed Elite gear from Super mystery boxes and those who have obtained them previously won't lose anything; instead you will get another chance in obtaining an even better reward from the Super Mystery box.

We want your trust, because no matter how things are SeptoX is not going anywhere without it's community! 💗


We'd like to call this thread a Mega Update thread, why? Because it simply includes updates & improvements to many of our end game content massively at once! Group Ironman PVM Points, & Group levels packed! And, We have also some exciting new additions to the Skilling Missions system and the Skilling content in general.

Without not much being said, let's get Started!



Upgrade Gem

The Upgrade gem is the only diamond which must be obtained in order to be used to upgrade items and turn them into superior version. It is obtained by smelting all of it's requirements on a furnace.

🔥 The upgrade gem require 4 different items with different amounts. Each item has it's way of obtaining it and plays it's own number in the chance calculation of upgrading the gem.

🔥 The required items for smelting the upgrade gem (obtain all the items for 100% Chance success upgrade😞

  • Small_gemstone.png?3efdf 64x Gem Essence (20% when total amount added - 0.3%/1 gem essence approx)
  • Fine_small_gemstone.png?cdf4b 136x Gem Ashes (50% when total amount added - 0.4%/1 gem ash approx)
  • Hydrix.png?1b668  1x Fine Hydrix (24% chance when a hydrix is added)
  • Dragonbane_bar.png?4fe5f 1x Dragonbane Bar (6% chance when a dragonbar bar is added)
  • The limit required to break before attempting so smelt an upgrade gem is 50%.

It is recommended that players deposit all requirements gathered to the interface and produce a chance above +75% for a successful smelting process. Each additional products added from one's inventory increases the chance of smelting the gem.




🔥 How to obtain the required items?:

  • Small_gemstone.png?3efdf Gem Essence: Raptor's Slayer chest, Slayer Rewards shop.
  • Fine_small_gemstone.png?cdf4b Gem Ashes: ;;itemdrop gem ashes (Dropped by all Elite monsters), Reaper's Rewards shop.
  • Hydrix.png?1b668  Fine Hydrix: Incomplete hydrix present in Reaper's shop
  • Dragonbane_bar.png?4fe5f Dragonban Bar: Added magic spell to create the bar from the dragonbane ores.




Upgrade Chest (Elite Gear & Powerful Weapons)

Here's a detailed thread about the new Upgrade Chest that's found in home. The chest will be used to upgrade your end-gear items and turn them into Superior, Elite versions granting you more Stats, Power and even HP+ Boost. Some of the items have been in-game for awhile know but I haven't made an update topic until now. We're working on some VERY exciting things as well - We plan to add more Elite Gear soon! The new custom invention is being worked on as well.

1. The Upgrade Chest can be found at home

2. Using an Upgrade gem on chest grants 100% success chance upgrading respective item.

3. You don't necessarily need an Upgrade gem to upgrade items however there's no 100% success chance without an Upgrade gem.





There are many items present in-game and there are more to come soon! Let's check them out in-game 😍




🔥 All items that's obtainable from the Upgrade chest have been also added to the Collection logs, so that you can easily track your progress and show-off your collection later on!






Death touched darts - Bonus well in-game LIVE event!

Death touched darts has been a hotly requested thing, we have found that most of the players AFK monsters that gives PVM points and save points to purchase death touched darts from PVM shop and use them on Bosses which killed the concept of bossing a bit. So, we have decided to make the following changes to Death touched darts!

🔥 Death touched darts have been removed from the PvM shop.

🔥 Instead, Death touched darts are now obtainable through activating the Bonus Well. Each time the well is activated and Dtd world event is chosen, there will be 3 different monsters picked that'll add Death touched darts to their drop tables for 2 hours.

🔥 The current available Bonus well effects are: Double XP, Death touched darts event (Both lasts for 2 hours when activated!) We plan to add more effects soon.





Raptor's Chest of Slaying & Raptor's key!

Raptor Chest Slayer with custom L00T have been added, the key parts are dropped by custom monsters and monsters from the Rs3 WIKI, let's get into it! 🤩



The Raptor's chest:

  • Raptor's chest



  • Raptor's key


150px-Raptor_key_detail.png?16294The raptor key is an item used to unlock the Raptor's chest of slaying. Each of the monsters that present here aren't exactly like Rs3, in addition to . Each part has a 1/256 chance of being dropped.


The key is made of four parts:

  • Raptor_key_part_1.png?47a00 Raptor key part 1 dropped by:



Gemstone Dragons


  • Raptor_key_part_2.png?27461 Raptor key part 2 dropped by Ripper demons, and Slasher demons.


  • Raptor_key_part_3.png?c0143 Raptor key part 3 dropped by Camel Warriors.


  • Raptor_key_part_4.png?6f52d Raptor key part 4 dropped by:




Celestial dragons


🔥 We have found this was a very perfect chance for us to give rebirth to some of the dead content.

🔥 Once all four key parts are obtained, simply use one of the pieces on another. This will create the key, with a dialogue message stating "You combine the four key parts into a reward key for the Raptor's chest of slaying." Players can then open the Raptor's chest of slaying for various rewards.

🔥 Special thanks to our special members @Dave & @Ironic for helping the team with suggestions on the custom rewards and even the monsters that drops the key parts.

🔥 Weapon drops

  • Wyvern_crossbow.png?73005 Wyvern crossbow 1/50 Chance 
  • Ripper_claw.png?4fa49 Ripper claw 1/50 Chance
  • Off-hand_ripper_claw.png?a3219 Off-hand Ripper claw 1/50 Chance
  • Camel_staff.png?d84ca Camel staff 1/50 Chance


🔥 If a weapon wasn't received then you get a reward from 8 different possibilities, each possibility contains a set of items that's respective to that skill:

  • Magic/Ranged: 1000x Blood runes, 2500x Death runes, 200x Hydrix bolt tips, 250x Onyx bolt tips
  • Crafting: 3x Uncut onyx, 100x Uncut dragon stones, 250x Uncut diamonds 
  • Farming: 10x Magic seeds, 15x Yew seeds, 20x Torstol seeds
  • Mining: 100x Runite ores, 100x Adamant ores, 250x Coals
  • Smithing: 100x Rune bar, 100x Adamant bars, 100x Mithril bars
  • Summoning: 100x of each charm, yak-hides, and steel platebodies
  • Prayer: 100x Frost dragon bones

🔥 100% Loot (You get two of the following by luck):

  • Raptor's_lamp.png?5d5a4 Large XP Lamp
  • Large_dungeoneering_token_box.png?e514d Large dungeoneering token box
  • Slayer_points.png?c4921 375 Slayer points
  • Pack_yak_pouch.png?33bb6 25x Pack yak pouch
  • Steel_titan_pouch.png?a730d 25x Steel titan pouch







Reaper Contracts Re-work! 

🔥 New Reaper contracts have been packed

🔥 Hydrix Jewelry crafting/enchanting have been implemented in-game, thus we've removed the jewelry from the shop and adjust the price to 450 reaper points for the incomplete hydrix


🔥 Tiny Death pet is here! A legendary pet for a legendary player; It has been added to Reaper's shop


🔥 Reaper Perks have been also packed, there are now Reaper perks available for an exchange of Reaper points (not on store) check out the perk benefits in-game by talking to the Death reaper

🔥 Additionally the Reaper's shop now sells Gem ashes 





Slayer V2.0 Re-work! 


 Slayer patch includes re-worked existing Slayer tasks, and adding brand new Slayer tasks, many players have been waiting for a some real Slayer tasks so here we go! 

🔥 Elite Slayer monsters chance to spawn 1/150 they have boosted HP, stats and are more powerful than the original monsters! They have been packed with combat scripts that's like RS3 as well.

🔥 We have packed the following new tasks with improved Combat mechanics:

  • Ripper Demons - Slayer level 96
  • Camel Warriors - Slayer level 96
  • Gemstone Dragons  - Slayer level 95
  • Glacors  - Slayer level 95
  • Ice, Jungle, Desert Strykewyrms  - Slayer level 93, 73, 77
  • Airut - Slayer level 92
  • Sophanem Dungeon (ALL Corrupted Creatures) - Slayer level 88
  • Grifolapines. - Slayer level 88
  • Abyssal demon. - Slayer level 85
  • Crystal Shapeshifters. - Slayer level 80
  • All Dagannoth kings. - Slayer level 80
  • Nechryaels. - Slayer level 80
  • Kalphite Queen  - Slayer level 80
  • King Black Dragon - Slayer level 80
  • Sunfreet - Slayer level 75
  • Corporeal Beast - Slayer level 80
  • Jadinkos - Slayer level 80
  • Aqaunites - Slayer level 78
  • Edimmus - Slayer level 78
  • Nihils - Slayer level 76
  • Muspahs - Slayer level 76
  • Mithrol Dragons - Slayer level 75
  • Automatons  - Slayer level 67
  • and so much more... we have packed 1-10 tasks in for every 2, 3 slayer levels!

🔥 Task difficulties unique technique:


  •  Let's first talk about tasks. A slayer task is made of: Slayer level, Task count requirement, World tile (Area of the location), and Slayer XP per kill.
  • YES! you will still be able to normally choose the option 'Teleport to my task' while you are talking with the Slayer Master.
  • We are also happy to inform you that we have taken care of every single Slayer task individually and made sure it contains that correct data that we want.
  • Next, let me explain to you the Task difficulties. There are (Easy, Normal, Hard, and Elite). Each difficulty picks the Slayer task for you with the data that's assigned to it. 
	 * Every slayer task has a two numbers (Slayer minimum required level, Slayer maximum required level).
	 * Defining the task sets which are EASY, NORMAL, HARD, ELITE will be as follows:
	 * 		TYPE(COMBAT_LEVEL.X, minSLevel, maxSLevel):
	 * 		EASY(COMBAT_LEVEL.1, minSLevel.1, maxSLevel.25),
	 * 		NORMAL(COMBAT_LEVEL.25, minSLevel.26 , maxSLevel.75),
	 * 		HARD(COMBAT_LEVEL.99, minSLevel.76, maxSLevel.88),
	 * 		ELITE(COMBAT_LEVEL.110, minSLevel.80, maxSLevel.120)



  • The easy difficulty require a combat level of 1, and consist of all Slayer tasks that's leveled between 1 and 25.
  • The normal difficulty require a combat level of 25, and consist of all Slayer tasks that's leveled between 26 and 75.
  • The hard difficulty require a combat level of 99, and consists of all Slayer tasks that's level between 76, and 88.
  • The Elite difficulty require a combat level of 110, and is a little different, it focuses mainly on Slayer tasks that contains Elite slayer monsters more and also gives 25%++ more task requirement count. It is packed with all Slayer tasks that has a level between 80 and 120.


🔥 Slayer points *re-work*, streak rewardsnew item in Slayer rewards shop!


  • On completing a new Slayer task. You now get a base points of (9, and 15) no matter the difficulty of the task. However, with a higher difficulty than 'Easy' you get more points according to the following:
  • Normal slayer tasks give 1 to 5 extra Slayer points.
  • Hard slayer tasks give 10 to 20 extra Slayer points.
  • Elite slayer tasks 20 to 35 extra Slayer points.
  • Additionally, we have also added Streak rewards checkpoints after completing every 20, 50, and 150 Slayer tasks!


🔥 Fighters' torso have been replaced with Gem Essence that's required to smelt the upgrade gem for 90 Slayer points for each essence.




🔥 Perslaysion donor-only perk holders new features: Ability to pick custom Slayer task, and display all tasks you can choose from!










Skilling Missions Log

As mentioned, on this update patch, we have also took closer look for the Skilling system, we have taken the time to dig into fixing all Skilling contracts as well as implementing some improvements to our custom reward system.

🔥 Thieving Stalls Skilling contracts have been fixed.

🔥 Hunter catching imps Skilling contracts have been fixed.

🔥  Fixed Runecrafting Skilling contracts not counting up correctly.

🔥 We promise you, on the next patch we'll update the tasks requirement amount and adjust them even more we don't huge amounts on specific tasks, and less amount on other tasks we want a balanced content for the Skilling lovers out there!

🔥 Added skill chinchompas hunting (All areas packed)

🔥 Added more mining areas, Mining guild and others. Easier to reach now!

🔥 Added more Divination locations teleport.

🔥 Added more Hunter locations teleport.

🔥 Added Crafting guild locations teleport.

🔥 Herb, Tree & Fruit tree patches have been packed to Farming teleports! 

🔥 Vigor Booster timer has been increased to 20 minutes instead of 10. That gives you the opportunity to finish the assigned contract and boost your vigor up before the time runs out.


🔥 Skilling Champion is here, daily event that resets every 24 hours and tracks the highest amount of Skilling contracts done by the player during the active event. Rewards are sent on next login, additionally winners also get Skilling Champion title! Really cool, love to see the competition😍






Group Ironman Update!

The formula that calculates the total group score have been re-worked, the formula now depends on the Total members XP, and total members Prestige ranks summed up with total Points obtained from killing monsters.

🔥 Killing any of the following monsters now increments points to your total group score:

  • Angel Of Death ~ 7 points
  • Rise Of The Six ~ 7 points
  • Barrel chest ~ 1 points
  • Corporeal Beast ~ 6 points
  • King black dragon ~ 2 points
  • Giant Mole ~ 1 points
  • Gwd1 Bosses ~ 2 points
  • Gwd2 Bosses ~ 3 points
  • Kalphite Queen ~ 2 points
  • Kalphite King ~ 5 points
  • Bork ~ 1 points
  • Dagannoth kings ~ 1 points
  • Legios bosses ~ 4 points
  • Tormented demons ~ 2 points
  • Queen black dragon ~ 3 points
  • Vorago ~ 7 points

🔥 Ironman Group levels now depend on the total score of the updated formula.


🔥  We'll continue to add more features to Group levels and benefits as we still progress on our new website!



🔥  Once we get out new website up & running! We'll have a Custom Group Ironman Hall Of Fame! 






Quality Of Life Changes V7.9

🔥  New packed Login screen!

🔥 New packed Virtual icon Skill gold frames includes gold & platinum mastery icons. Easy access > Quest tab > Account settings > Misc settings > Gold frames. ;)

🔥 Updated Boss timers count, you can now easily track your fastest kill progress, packed with more monsters!

🔥 Added Tertiary drops to ;;npcdrop/;;itemdrop commands, you can now do ;;itemdrop raptor key part 1 and ;;itemdrop gem ashes (Commands show more dropped loot!)

🔥 Max Cape/Comp capes now acts as Avas.

🔥 Saradomin Hard instance have been fixed.

🔥 Added new Boss teleport (Boss instance) Giant mole!

🔥 Corporeal beast will no longer heal full health when walked under, it's fixed.

🔥 Added Visages to King black dragon drop table loot.

🔥 Fixed Dagannoth Supreme drop table loots.

🔥 Death touched darts has been removed from the PvM Shop.

🔥 Blood money has been removed from the PvM Shop. Those will come as rewards from the PK Last man standing event!

🔥 Royal d'hide is now tradeable.

🔥 Divination skill cape now has the correct bonus stats.

🔥 Adjust item bonuses for the following:

  • Noxious Scythe
  • Ascension crossbows
  • Zaryte bow
  • Onyx bolts
  • Onyx bolts (e)
  • Brawler's Blood necklace.
  • Farsight sniper necklace.
  • Arcane stream necklace.
  • Arcane blood necklace.
  • Super Vesta spear.
  • Sirenic armour.

🔥 On login, you'll have running energy working.

🔥 Added Sophanem dungeon teleport, chest as reward (Telos is coming soon! 💖)

🔥 Updated Slayer locations with more packed content, check it out in-game! ;)

🔥 Celestial dragons are now weaker less HP, less stats. Balanced to grind a real trip.

🔥 Added Priffidinas teleports to the Skilling teleports.

🔥 Added Cannon balls smithing, use mould on furnace.

🔥 Fixed doing actions while requesting to open cosmetics interface no longer bug you.

🔥 Chisel can now be obtained for HCIM.

🔥 Fixed attacking dark beasts, and other monsters not requiring required Slayer level.

🔥 Fixed Rune 2h crossbow having Melee hit.

🔥 Fixed all achievements:

  • Fixed Pvm Ace achievement.
  • Fixed Zoo keeper achievement.
  • Removed ECO Breaker II achievement.
  • Fixed Mad Max (Hard achievement)
  • Fixed Mad Comp (Elite achievement)
  • Fixed God Slayer I, and God Slayer II achievements.
  • Fixed Wardrobe achievement.
  • Fixed Master of the skill acheivement.

🔥 Fixed all legendary pets to collect charms to inventory

🔥 Fixed Legendary pets item duping, there should be no longer issues with Legendary pets now.

🔥 Fixed missing spaces in some titles, it looked awful when the title is set.

🔥 Fixed charging silverhawk boots, losing charges right after equipping the item. 

🔥 Gwd2 bosses now give PVM points.

🔥 Updated player owned ports notifications. 


*Some Media*










🔥 I am hoping I did not miss out everything, if so, you must get online and check out these fire updates yourself!🔥 


🔥 We have removed all Golden Godswords, Elite gear that's obtained from Super mystery box, we want those to obtained by grinding; however other rare items and gear are still present there!


🔥 Added new perk to our webstore The DiscounterThis perk gives: 50% off instances, 50% off repairing gear, 50% off resetting Reaper assignments and discounts on Port Ships prices up to 50%. Check it out



The next level Update sneak-peak of our custom invention system (MORE Elite Gear with superb Special attacks effects mechanics are being worked on!)






This month has been a really tough month on our shoulders, we've also had some problems with funding the development team; however we were able to pass through everything and bring this lovely MEGA update and we are excited to bring even more enjoyable content for you!


I would like to give thanks to everyone who has supported SeptoX in the past month. And, specially @NzPurezPlease accept our sincere gratitude for your help during this tough phase. Your consistent effort let us know how much you cared. The support we received have brought us most of the content done, and I am thankful to have friends like you. 💟




SeptoX Team

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