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Staff Updates 2020.10.02

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SX Official Team



Hello SeptoXians,

It's a new era and we have some major staff team changes to announce. Our official website developer is officially joining the team, we've also decided to refresh the team and give some new members a shot.


Before I start I'd like to give a massive thank you to those that are leaving the SX staff team via resignation, you're help with the community will not be forgotten and we wish you the best. To those of you who we have decided to refresh your position, we also thank you for your hard work and hope to see you around the community still. All ex-SX staff members will always have a place in our community.


Team Changes:

  • Project has been promoted to Website Developer. The most amazing guy with the legendary web work ethic is joining us for the journey. He will also have his rank in-game, and on discord.
  • Gottem has been removed from the Supporting team. Joseph, also a veteran of SX since the early days was a massive help in getting SX back online this last year. We've decided to refresh this position and give someone else a shot.
  • Dave has resigned from the moderators team due to IRL matters. However, he will still remain active on the discord and in-game and oversee things in the background.
  • Ironic has been promoted to the Moderator team.
  • 0Skill has been promoted to the Supporting team.
  • Guthix has been promoted to the Supporting team.


We are hiring:

  • Server Supporter
  • Community Manager
  • Event Manager


If you are interested in one of our open positions, please post a server support application, or PM me directly if you are interested in a higher role like community manager.


Happy gaming,

SeptoX team

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