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Ironic's 101: How to make Upgrade gem!

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Hello and welcome to my tutorial!


This is going to be my very first tutorial on Septox!
 I'm trying to keep this as simple as possible. Almost all the information i'm giving here are on the pictures!

My  goal with this tutorial is to teach players how to make
Upgrade gem.
I'll be showing you what items are needed for Upgrade gem and show how those items are obtained.

(I'm not going to explain in this tutorial how to use the gem / How to do reaper tasks or how to open raptors key chest.)


150px-Ice_diamond_detail.png.8624e3dc26adcb95a2643b7068690453.pngHow to make Upgrade gem:150px-Ice_diamond_detail.png.8624e3dc26adcb95a2643b7068690453.png

1760568465_SmeltUpgradegem.png.55014be3166a9ffa4d3f085c463407bd.pngTo access this interface

You'll need to use any of items required to smelt the gem on furnance.

You need to reach minimum of 20% Chance before you can  smelt the gem.

But my personal opinion is not to gamble at low %.



These items take  lots of time to obtain. Use them wisely!




Details and info!


To have chance of 100% smelting Upgrade Gem. 


In total you will need:1621844904_Gemashes1.png.7fed6b3ce5bf5957710cfc6aa79ed1f5.png

136 Gem ashes. = 50%



64 Gem essence = 20%





1 Hydrix gem = 24%




1 Dragonbane bar = 6%







Extra details!





Gem Ashes can also be obtained as a rare drop from "Elite/Superior" slayer monster.

Elite version of monsters are larger in size & have unique name!

Here are few example which monsters have chance to spawn "Elite version"

You can do ingame command to see full list!
;;itemdrop Gem ashes

Gem ashes can also be purchased from Grim Reaper's  Shop
Price of one Gem ash is 20 Reaper points





Gem Essence can be purchased from any slayer master for

90 Slayer points each

To access the rewards. Right click slayer master of your choise and choose rewards. And then open "Learn" section.


Reaching maximum chance %  for Gem essences is really long grind.
You need total of 5760 slayer points  to buy 64 Gem essences.




584614688_Reapershop.png.50ef1e1542cd1ff75973d8c5cd858750.pngEarlier i mentioned how you can purchase Gem ashes from Grim Reaper's Store.
But there is another item that is needed from this shop to make Upgrade gem.
Its called Incomplete hydrix.
To purchase this item you need total of 450 Reaper points.
Then you need to make Incomplete hydrix to uncut hydrix.
Uncut hydrix is  made by combining a cut onyx with an incomplete hydrix.  
You need 79 crafting to cut the uncut hydrix & make it 


519007037_baneore.png.2616bdbf9596f31f125096756cd36c6d.pngThe last item you need for upgrade gem is called Dragonbane bar.929992369_bar1.png.62b9004eaae58e0d34df287c2142629b.png



To make Dragonbane bar.

You need to mine Bane ore.
Bane ore can be found near Glacors.

Glacors can be accessed with fairy ring.
Code for the ring is:     D K Q

Run north from the ring till you find the room that is full of Bane ore rocks! Like in 2082314397_baneore1.png.8b5509428705146db0611437919a34e2.pngthat picture.




You also need to "Tune" Bane ore with dragon item. tune.png.474d45f1260314bc41916a79e6b58219.png1921550323_dbaneore.png.e65f291de0861ca1c12412f175409d24.png
Easiest way is to use dragonhide on the ore.

Cast "Tune Bane Ore" and click dragonhide while you have Bane ore in your inventory. 977422973_bar2.png.a388aadc0c5a332df5f34ca85524bb1d.png

Now you have made dragonbane ore!

Last part requires you to smelt the ore to dragonbane bar! You need 80 smithing for that.




End notes!

This post isn't 100% finished yet and i'll continue working on this.  Fontsizes need some adjustment & colour.

I'm sorry in advance for any typos i've made.

Creating tutorial in middle of night is always good excuse 😝
I'll be making this post better looking when i got more time!

Huge thank you for reading my tutorial how to make Upgrade gem !









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  • Ironic changed the title to Ironic's 101: How to make Upgrade gem!

Thank you, thats an amazing tutorial. Plenty information.
Good job, and my sanity love it too. Besides , now i dont have to contantly ask people anymore. I can just come here and see for myself.

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