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Ironic's "itsy-bitsy" bug/statfix thread!

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Did someone mention bugs:

Here is current list of bugs that are not working:

SeptoXBOT 02/10/2020

PVP does not work

 = In wilderness you are not able to attack other players. You cannot start combat with other person. I just does not let you attack other player.



skilling task: pure essence (mining) does not work. does not count.

= Mining pure essence does not count towards. When you are trying to mine pure essence. The task does not progress 


there is a typo in bronze platebody task, you cannot make bronze patebody

 = Misstyped sentence, cannot prograss due that. 


vote point shop has 3 items with "null" as currency.

= There are 3 items in votepoint shop that have currency null.


iron bar smelting skill misson does not work

= Smithing ironbars at furnace with iron ore does not give progress to skilling task.


cooking shrimps mission is actually catch raw shrimps fishing mission.

= Cooking shrimps can be completed with fishing raw shrimps. 


Any sort of cooking mission is considered a fishing mission.

= You can complete missions with FISHING.  You just catch fishes from fishing spot and you complete mission without cooking them.


Super-anti poison mission is bugged.

= Super antipoison skilling task is not working.  Making those potions do not progress the skilling task.


arcane alchemist perk from donor store doesn't seem to work at all

= I have no info about this perk.


some fishing spots at the fishing guild can't be reached because of object

There are some objectives blocking the access to some fishing spots at Fishing guild.

When hunting at isafdar pawya's will sometimes respawn as random things and cause you to black screen

= There are really random things happening. Equal to Kalphite king random black screen. Random monster spawn makes it black screen.


offhand rune scims need 50 attack, mainhands need only 40

= Both should be 50 attack requirement. Rune scimitar requires 50 attack, so should offhand.


having kuradal teleport me to turoth task takes me to brimhaven dungeon

= Incorrect slayer gem teleport. Should be fremmenik dungeon.


burning mage logs (88) doesnt count towards skilling mission

= Magic logs do not count towards skilling mission.



all bar smelting missions are currently bugged.

= Apparently all bar smelting skilling missions are bugged. If you try smith a bar at furnace. You cannot progress any given task.



no seed dibber in the farming shop for hcim

= Hardcore ironman cannot start farming due that.



kbd doesnt give pvm points on kill.

= KBD does not give you any PVM points.

SeptoXBOTYesterday at 19:50

cleaning cloth does not work on dyed items.

= You cannot clean dyed items. Cleaning cloth does not work.



504177675_Ringofdeath.png.891900de99c3a3aa9ab82b8d3a81c96e.pngThis photo is to explain how Ring of Death is bugged.

  • When a target is killed, there is a 50% chance of restoring the wearer's adrenaline by 1% for every 1,500 of the target's maximum life points, to a maximum of 5% adrenaline.


In Septox you get special attack back.
In this case: If you are high special attack, lets say 77%
You kill monster and ring of death procs. It gives you 25% Special attack and in total you are now at 102%.
You actually go negative special attack.

Thats the bug.




https://gyazo.com/29f0b828a969ade8c95ebce1bca28c00 <---- For example




Then we have this bad boy boss called: Araxxor

He is currently bit too overtuned and unable to be killed.

We have no defensive mechanics vs him. Only prayer.

He smacks high 800's on you and well... Nighty night.











Controls_inventory.png.ddeaf1b714f14aa8449c00d404b48210.png Items with incorrect statsControls_inventory.png.ddeaf1b714f14aa8449c00d404b48210.png

I'm making this section as clear as possible.
Buffs are 1000% needed for lategame equipment.

First example i have here is:
                    "Best in slot" Ascension crossbows                    VS                                Easily obtainable chaotic crossbows.
 Ascension xbows take up to 100 hours to obtain.                                            Chaotic crossbows take less  than 5 hours.
                                    Ranged STR __has__ to be buffed by ALOT.
                   "Best in slot" TIER 90 Ranged power armour                      VS              Tier 80 Pernix / Animacore of zamorak
                  Can you see how weak best in slot gear currently is. 
          Its really really weak.  Missing ranged STR bonus totally.


Next comparison i have for melee gear.


1453159358_noxscyth.png.b3e52c4fb4b9a8c45217f7d4b85a4889.pngMelee item that requires mist attention is Noxius Scythe.

Noxius Scythe:  Tier 90 best in slot  2 handed melee weapon!

This item is suppose to be symbol of __hard work__ and show other players you've earned this item with dedication and hard work! 

Currently this weapon has usage ingame for combat. Its just a cosmetic item sadly.


Twohanded weapons are literally useless in Septox and we really need a way to make them useful.








Dragon Rider Lance: Tier 85 weapon from GWD2. Has Accuracy of t90 dmg of tier 80

But as you can see. The strenght bonus is close to noxius scythe. But it does not make this item usable.
Noxius scythe and dragon rider lance are suppose to be good for clearing multiple monsters at once.

Right now you cannot even clear one monster properly.

Hitting monster is every 5 second isnt that fun 






1778425790_drygmace.png.e74ef2024165f0111bbc897fc9e566d2.png1287921_Dryglong.png.0634a5be41243c0ff034ad340fba58b9.png        669166708_drygrap.jpg.7ca3d4221ea4ac26da9f92d559f45845.jpg


One handed weapons are the only weapons used in melee combat right now.   
Here you can see the difference of all drygore weapons.  I don't understand the huge difference with main hand weapons.

I don't know why some of the drygores are worse than others.

Drygore mace is currently only good drygore main hand there is.

Why would you ever use 2 handed weapon when 1 handed weapons can do 5x the damage in minute.

921242655_crap.png.ef22d4161d0a8282b5112b85b22ddb45.png262377805_offhandblade.png.d0d7f0e3233dd0220c7d3d889736cf90.pngHere i wanna compare easily obtained Chaotic rapier offhand
and rare drop from Godwars 2.
Blade of Avaryss is tier 85 offhand:
with accuracy of tier 90 and damage of tier 80.

But its not suppose to be this bad!
Buff needed.







86001e4d7cd01d2fd72da98a41087bde-png.jpg?width=351&height=300Superior vesta longsword = tier 88. 

Superior vesta longsword is out performin almost every melee weapon there is.
Its easy to obtain and currently second most powerful weapon ingame.

Khopesh of Tumeken = Tier 92 .

This weapon is suppose to be best in slot for 1handed melee.
Right now its performing very very very very badly. Nobody uses it. Or wants to even buy it from prestige store. Hope to see it fixed for Magister release!






Spears are the most effective way to kill Corporeal beast.
Currently there is only one spear used against it and its chaotic spear.

Zamorakian Spear
Vesta Spear
Superior Vesta Spear 

those spears are not effect vs Corporeal beast.
And Superior vesta spear is missing its stats.







Only stat fix i have for magic is:

Best in slot magic  power armor called Tectonic.

Tectonic armor can be made after killing lots of Vorago!
Which is by far hardest monster to kill ingame.
Yet you can see how bad the armor currently is? It needs massive buff.


Tectonic needs boost on MAGIC %







Every golden warpriest set equipment is missing stats.

Also i would make golden little bit better. 
Since only way to obtain these items are from:
Hardmode godwars dungeon!

I'm sure it would motivate people go hunt this gear.

Golden Warpriest of  Armadyl
Golden Warpriest of Saradomin 
Golden Warpriest of Zamorak 
Golden Warpriest of Bandos 




These are the stats of full set. 
There are 4 different sets and they are.

Warpriest of  Armadyl
Warpriest of Saradomin 
Warpriest of Zamorak 
Warpriest of Bandos 






1450857027_nostats.png.ea91f7f71a17e6dc564d0ea8af573f9a.pngElite Staff of Dragons has no stats at all.








TLDR for item stats:

- Nerf Drygore mace
- Nerf Superior vesta longsword
- Adjust Drygore rapier/longsword stats bit higher.

- Adjust Blade of Avaryss & Blade of Nymora.

- Buff Khopesh of Tumeken.  More strenght bonus.
- Buff Noxius Scythe somehow. 

- Buff Sirenic armor. Big buff for ranged strenght.

- Buff Ascension main hand and offhand crossbows - Big buff for ranged strenght.

- Buff Tectonic armor - more Magic dmg %

- Stats for Golden Warpriest of  Armadyl

- Stats for Golden Warpriest of Saradomin

- Stats for Golden Warpriest of Zamorak

- Stats for  Golden Warpriest of Bandos 

- Make Zamorakian Spear / Vesta Spear / Mizuyari / Superior Vesta Spear effective vs Corporeal beast.

- Correct stats for Superior Vesta Spear







 Trollheim_Teleport_icon.png.592ce670a782d77ee662f30773a57f04.pngMissing teleports! Trollheim_Teleport_icon.png.592ce670a782d77ee662f30773a57f04.png

The megaupdate removed some of the  teleports we used have access to.

These are the teleports i remember we used to have but cannot access now via teleport.

Rune dragons - We used to have direct teleport outside the entrance so we could slay those creatures.

Sunfreet - We used to have direct teleport outside of the zone where Sunfreet is at. Now you can only access boss only with slayer task/gem.

Chaos Elemental - The wilderness boss teleport does not work. And it was wrong one anyway. Chaos elemental is not at 50 wilderness.

Chaos dwarf hand cannoneer - We used to have direct teleport to these. People could go kill these monsters for dragon pickaxe.

WildyWyrm - It used to at boss teleports. Now we have no idea where it spawns or where to kill him when "world event" appears.

Bork - We don't have direct teleport to him. And we cannot slay him for Reaper tasks!

Glacors - We used to have direct teleport to them. Now only way to access them is with  fairy ring code.

Frost dragons - We don't have direct teleport to the like we used to. Now only with slayer task. Which is random to get.








The GOD DAMN Cannon

A voting reward for active voters but so far with no use at all.     Dwarf Multicannon    **Jessica shivers**

You can vote every 4 times every 12 hours. One voting gives you 2 points. So if you are dedicated voter for server. You can earn 16 points a day.

You need 4 pieces to make full cannon. There are 3 different types of cannons.

"Classic" Multicannon = 160 votepoints -------> 10 days of active voting
Gold Multicannon = 320 votepoints ------> 20 days of active voting
Royal Multicannon = 480 votepoints  ------> 30 days of active voting

We need to do something about this. 







To make myself clear.  This is still a bug post:     Multicannon cannot be used anywhere at the moment.  

Multicannon is suppose to be a helpful "weapon" to speed up annoying slayer tasks/training ranged
Currently you have no place available where we can use Dwarf multicannon.

In my opinion Dwarf Multicannon is..... Bit like aggression potion?  But for ranged users.

These are the areas you currently cannot use the cannon in RS3.
In Septox. You cannot use it __anywhere__ 

In my opinion the restrictions should be removed and make cannon useful "tool" in combat.


(click the photo)







Special thanks to Fuge & Snowflake123 for sending missing pictures ❤️

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