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For Fight Kiln services/ Fire cape Services

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Hello I Am Pure B K,

I know this is not a guide but this is a request and hope it happens.

I am applying for fight kiln services, and fire cape services.

This services will contain me completing the fight kiln and or fight caves or both for players in the world.

I do know that i would need to be trusted for players in the world and for staff members i have been playing Septox for over 200 hours now within a few weeks and have experience in the fight kiln and fight caves.

This consists  of gold pay in the game.

Fight Kiln for one: 150m

Fight cave for one: 100m

both: could be discussed.

These services before beginning will be staff approved, and the players that the services has been done for will be required to leave a review and ratings afterwards.

NOTE: This is not active currently I do not begin tell this service is reviewed and approved by a staff member.


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