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SeptoX BETA 2021 Estimated Time Of Arrival!

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SeptoX Beta




Get into SeptoX 2021 official relaunch Beta!




We’re delighted to confirm that we’re about to release the newest client platform of our newest version of SeptoX 'Beta!

Unlimited spots will be available soon to download on a first come!

Everything icey. We have recently updated our cache to one of the late revisions of the Official Runescape 3 revision (910), we are now able to load the latest Rs3 maps which unlocks lots of features that will be brought further into the gameplay SeptoX provides. Mining/Smithing remake, Newley released items by Jagex. Ice versions, Elite t80 upgraded versions, Archelogy content loading the World Map, Solak boss, and more!



When will the Beta go live?

It's all about quality so we must ensure that the client our players will use is loading everything quiet smoothly. We have been working on this, ensuring the cross platform is ultra stable for you to be able to test the content freely! It should not take us long as we have been already progressing behind the scenes (ETA: Maximum of 48 hours from now)!

Join our discord and get informed with latest updates!

We encourage anyone to download our client, log in, and start playing.


What content can I expect in this Beta?

The SeptoX Beta continues to develop and grow. Recent updates include the new re-work of all SeptoX EXP game modes being removed and updated to the new Rebirth system. Packing the game with custom perks which will be unlocked after advancing new rebirth ranks, an overhaul to the NPC bossing system (Adding new bosses, updating existing combat scripts, fixing previous issues with Nex and AoD), the introduction of more intuitive weapons and improvements to combat. The upgrade gem has been a very successful update SeptoX has made as Custom content different from Jagex, we're looking forward to expand the Upgrade Gem content and adding new upgrade gems especially, awesome feature to have especially after updating the cache with more new items! There have also been a discussion about achievement system idea to be improved, a bigger and wider Achievements system. Adding gambling to the game, along with lots of options to anti-scam restriction!







Of course, being a Beta, you should anticipate some imperfections. We are working very hard to ensure that the new SeptoX version will come the cleanest version ever, and we actively encourage players to send us their thoughts. Every bit of feedback helps. We welcome feedback in our discord (Bugs/Suggestions) channels!



Thanks ever so much for your ongoing support. Enjoy!

Jessica 'GlamourGirl💜

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