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SeptoX RSPS - Launching soon this summer!

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SeptoX - The Best RSPS Experience!wishes_header.png


Hey SeptoXians.


I am super excited to confirm the news many of you have been waiting for - SeptoX will officially launch (Official release pre-eoc) this summer and you can join the Beta version TODAY. Not only that, but this time, we are coming with some sweet rewards for you too!



After a long journey of experience in working on RSPS content, it feels especially great to bring SeptoX to it's next platform! This is another momentous opportunity to grow the citizenship of SeptoX, adding more beating hearts to a connected community and shared experience of lovers. Join our discord we're doing giveaways until the official release!


A special living world with endless discovery that transcends entertaining pixels on a screen to a place filled with people, connections, memories and stories. It is a critical 'magic' that only you as players can bring, and with our mission to build one of the greatest RSPS in the history of Runescape private servers, you can now truly find a RSPS worth grinding on.


It was only few months ago when we launched on Beta, the testing platform of the game. We allowed the ability of spawning items and XP lamps to easily test out the game and report possible found bugs, we have done this to prepare for a sleek release with bug free content and lots of RS3 packed content.

Not only did we open the beta for bug testing but for also working on new content, this remake of SeptoX will include the latest RS3 content released including custom content that the team have been officially working on!

New Stable (Strong) client platform loading 909 RS3 Cache



  • Dragonkin Laboratory 
  • Rebirth system (20 rebirth ranks, 200 prestige ranks per skill)
  • Exclusive Prestige shop with rewards.
  • Rebirth permanent free skill perks.
  • Telos, The Warden.
  • Solak the grove guardian boss.
  • Araxxor, Vorago, the Dark Lord and The Magister.
  • Nex: Angel Of Death
  • SeptoX Grim Reaper contracts and perks.
  • Stay on track with all your progress in-game collections log.
  • SeptoX journey book.
  • New refined achievements system that includes different diary types and exclusive rewards.
  • Sophanem Slayer dungeon.
  • Nihils, and Muspahs.
  • Supreme overloads.
  • New HiScores: GIM Top 10 groups (Levels, Points) on website
  • New HiScores: HC Ironman Top 10 players (Experience, level, maximum lives bought) on website
  • Exclusive Last man standing PVP minigame
  • Ability to challenge players anywhere in SeptoX
  • Damage per minute instance
  • Daily login rewards
  • Upgrade gem (Introducing new concept of Ultimate gem) 
  • Remade Skilling contracts system supporting (Co-op skilling contracts)
  • Co-op Slayer system supporting up to 4 players and ability to teleport to your task.
  • SeptoX starter gear
  • Lots of new items and special attacks


While this is awesome news, it's onwards and upwards - and so comes the time for us to welcome in new players once more. Over the next couple of weeks, we're going to recruit as many people as we can to pre-register and get ready for our best launch day yet. Not only does pre-registering mean a huge day-one welcoming of players, but it also helps us introduce SeptoX across the globe in the RSPS feed - and being more visible means even more new adventurers entering our fantastical world.

















With this launch, we've come prepared with a special series of rewards for everyone that we'll unlock for free! Can't wait to put your hands on playing this? Join our discord and enjoy the free $$$ giveaways.


SeptoX team




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