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SeptoX 718/RS3 Launch Info - HUGE PRIZES - $1,000 Store!

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Welcome, everyone!

SeptoX finally has a launch date, for those who are not aware we've been working on SeptoX for a long time now. We're glad to finally be in a stage where we are confident the game can go online.

Our launch date is 9th July 9PM GMT + 1, you can find a countdown timer on the homepage of our forums. I know there is some time still to wait from the time we post this thread till launch but its the safest date for us to announce and it gives everyone a ton of time to get prepared and even invite their friends!


I'll list a couple of the important questions here.


Will I need a forum account to play SeptoX?

You will not need to register an account on forums to play SeptoX, you will simply be able to login with any username and password. Use a different password to any other website or RSPS as there are so many leaked databases available! People literally have programs to spin through leaked databases to search for passwords. And then, use it to login to your account (Assuming you use the same password) If you have EVER used that password before it's going to be found!


Can I see some pictures of the server?

We post tons of pictures in our discord channel under the #beta-updates channel, make sure to check out why there is so much hype here https://discord.gg/pZ4MwBc


What type of server will SeptoX be? PK Server, eco server or what?

SeptoX will be built to have a friendly economy, you won't be able to spawn your stats or items. We hope to accommodate pkers through enjoyable and rewarding content in the wilderness, and custom events like LMS (Last Man Standing PK event). Still, our primary focus is to build a balanced game that is suited to the majority rather than limiting ourselves to a minority.

  • Custom PK Events for PKers.
  • Full Skilling/Advanced Skilling Contracts for skillers.
  • Full Combat PVM System with +30 Bosses packed, Slayer creatures, and Elite Dungeons for PVMers.


Will SeptoX sell best in-game items in the store?

No. However we do need our store to be appealing so players will spend money as it's very expensive to run a fantastic server, by the time we launch we would have spent a tremendous amount on development and marketing. With that said we will never sell the best items in-game for example Seren Godbow & Zaros Godsword, Trimmed Master work, Elite Torva & Noxious, these items will only ever be obtainable ingame from their respective activities. We want items to be worthwhile and not for everyone with a credit card running around in the best gear on the first week of launch. We do need the server to be able to sustain itself, we're not like all those other RSPS, I'm sure you've tried that that has died after 2 weeks. We'll try our best to have a store that doesn't devalue the content of SeptoX too much.

Some items we can promise will never be found on our store or obtainable via paid means such as mystery boxes, these are just some of them. If, we're however going to present Mystery boxes on our game store, there will be an equivalent version of the mystery boxes present in-game shops via Prestige, Rebirth, or other game points. They'll be many more items you'll only ever be able to obtain via paid means in-game.


What Prizes can be won?

We're going to be giving away $1,000 store credit! These will be given to:

  • $150 - The first player to achieve the Max cape on ECO account
  • $150 - The first player to achieve the Max cape on Ironman account (HCIM also counts, group ironmen don't)


The first ironman group to achieve 4 billion experience will receive $100 for each member. 


We're also releasing a new piece of content event every week for the first month of SeptoX, we can assure you we have been already planning for future updates of content that won't be there on release date but come as future updates. Some of these updates will be juicy as we'll be introducing a new Upgrade gem (Ultimate gem) that will be used to upgrade Elite tier of gear. The reason reason we're delaying each event is that  it gives people a chance to prepare for them and allows us to do more events that players can enter without being there in the first week.



Week 1 - The 101 training

The first player to deal 60,666 damage on Damage Per Minute minigame will receive 3x Super mystery boxes or $30 store credit

The first player to obtain the full Daily login rewards will receive 3x Super mystery boxes or $30 store credit


Week 2 - The Tallest tower

The first player to obtain a Dominion tower gloves will receive 5x Super mystery boxes or $50 store credit

The first player to obtain a Dominion tower crossbow will receive  1x Elite Dominion tower crossbow or 5x Super mystery boxes or $50 store credit


Week 3 - God's creation

The first player to obtain a Skilling pet will receive a Legendary pet 

The first player to obtain a Boss pet will receive  a Legendary pet


Week 4 - The Jewelry collection 

The first player to smelt an Upgrade gem will receive another 5x Super mystery boxes or $50 store credit

The first player to obtain a full Elite set will receive 10x Super mystery boxes or $100 store credit


* Anyone found to be breaking any rules will be disqualified from the event, account sharing is also illegal in this competition so be cautious before deciding to do so.


Will I get anything for being one of the first SeptoX players?

Definitely, along with the chance of being one of the lucky ones to win $1000 credit all players who log in over the launch weekend will receive an exclusive loyalty title 'Day one' (Yes we have loyalty titles, exclusive titles for each skill mastery)


What am I going to do while I wait for SeptoX to launch?

While you wait, you can always participate in SeptoX giveaway events that is already running on discord right now, hit the link join our discord and participate now for free!


If I am an old SeptoX donator do I get my donation status back?

Yes, we'd like to thank our donators for their awesome contribution towards building SeptoX rsps! You guys are amazing and we value your support the most, if you've ever donated to SeptoX we still have records for your payments and upon release you will be getting your donator status back + $ store credit refund, so you may choose new products to purchase from our store (SeptoX store will be updated on release as we're releasing all P2W perks to be obtainable through Rebirth system in-game)


We all hope to see you come back to this wonderful RSPS and help us set some new records, also don't forget to join our discord for frequent updates and pictures! https://discord.gg/pZ4MwBc 

We're giving away lots of rewards every week till launch in our discord channel!

Thanks, everyone, look forward to seeing you online & love you the most.


SeptoX Team

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