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Name: ClarkKulver

TimezoneUTC+10 (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Any past staff experience?: I am currently a Moderator for another RSPS. I was also a highly respected member of the now-dead ***** RSPS.

Why should we choose you over other applicants?: I am considerate, patient and I always do my best to help those in need. Also, my timezone should help fill in the gaps when other staff members may not be online.

Do you feel confident in your game knowledge?: This is an RSPS source that I am very familiar with. I prefer 718s, and more often than not they include RS3 content which I am also well versed in. I did play a little bit of SeptoX before it was overhauled. I think I never stuck around because I was playing RS3 at the time and that was scratching my runescape itch.

Tell us a little about yourself: I've been playing RSPSs for about two and a half years now. When I find something which I want to devote my time to, I'll pretty much sink as much time as I can into it.

Anything else we should know?: Not really, I'm too humble for my own good. It's the reason I rarely apply for staff positions in the first place. 😅

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