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Welcome to SeptoX 742/920 PRE-EOC

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Hello dears,

For you have found the best and greatest PRE-EOC RSPS server out there!



We are an experienced 2012 RuneScape Pre-Eoc based private server, we are 742 protocol build RuneScape build wiki which is the revision Jagex has released right before they pushed the EoC update.

We are now loading the latest RS3 Cache build 920 from original RuneScape, we are offering the best experience in-gameplay featuring the latest RS3 content. We currently load the latest (NPCs, Items, Objects, Configurations, RS3 Maps ..etc) It's the perfect emulation for using a Fractured Staff Of Armadyl on a Pre-Eoc 742 RSPS!

On addition to that, we also offer our own custom unique content that extends amazing features, rewards and challenges! 
Read more about our Rebirth Experience system through
discord/forum guides


We can create our own professional content, and we can provide a whole different experience compared to any other server, because we know what we are doing.




Check out in Full-HD


Further this update there will be many more exciting updates!

Drops Rework - We are planning to make them easier.

Skilling Rework - Skills that lack Custom Rebirth items will feature more items & rewards.

Item bonuses - We are going to implant necessary changes to existing gear/weapons to ensure all styles are in a balance.

Daily Challenges - Full Daily challenges with amazing rewards.

Auto-made events and competitions.

Custom Invention - Full Custom RS3 Invention skill converted to 742 Protocol.

Wilderness Activity - Wilderness boss activity spawn.

Direct link to download client!





Join our discord server

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