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SeptoX 718 # RSPS | Reborn - Updates #3

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Updates #3

Before we get into the current updates, I'd like to inform everyone that our team is currently working very hard behind the scenes towards progressing more and more to the new custom invention skill. I'd rather not get into more details before it's released. However, we're not just about adding new item perks, custom special attacks. But, we're also thinking about adding new custom bosses as well, stay tuned.





Server Updates:

  • Discord webhook integration has been implemented.  



You may also directly post any bugs/suggestions to our discord from in-game by typing ;;bug/;;suggestion





Server Updates:

  • Double XP, Double drops tickets has been added to the game. 



When claimed, the tickets will grant you 15 minutes of double experience, or double drops. The double exp tickets stacks up with the current active exp events (i.e. if there's an active dbxp event then activating this ticket will grant you 15 minutes of 3x exp!) however; double drops ticket doesn't stack.



  • Added small, medium, and large protean packs.


  • PvM Shop item rotations have been changed. (Updated items bonuses will be displayed below)


- The new changes -

- Fremennik equipment patch 77a2440038629f8e95ff6af5979559ce.png

- We've added the superior (t65) of Fremennik equipment patch loading the correct item bonuses from Rs3 wiki.

- The t65 gear sets are not weak, and not too strong meaning it's a very good gear to help you getting started with the PVM journey.

- Dragon Rider amulet (12,000 PvM points)


- Razorback gauntlets (8,000 PvM points)


- Staff of darkness (57,000 PvM points)


- Attuned crystal bow (40,000 PvM points)

- Mizuyari (63,000 PvM points)


- Ancient Equipment patch (6,000 PvM Points)


- Deathtouched darts (3,000 PvM points)



  • Corrected Arcane stream necklace bonuses.
  • Added Farsight sniper necklace, Brawler's knockout necklace.




  • Updated Amulet of fury (t), Amulet of fury (or) bonuses.
  • Added the amulet of forsaken (Slightly better than fury)


  • Updated the price of all nex boots to 25,000,000 gp.
  • All PK gear is now tradeable.
  • Christmas cracker has been removed from SoF.
  • Added the Expert skillcape shard bag.


  • Prayer flasks have been added to the flasks store.
  • Super antifire flasks have been added to the flasks store.
  • Increased the amount of all tablets in the general store.
  • The price of dragon full helm, and ruby bolts (e) has been slightly increased.
  • All types of bolts amount has been increased in the ranged store.
  • Added all off-hands weaponry to melee, and ranged stores.
  • You can now smith Protean bars.
  • You can now fire Protean logs.
  • Bloodweeds has been added to G.E unlimited table, with increased price.
  • You can no longer access your bank anywhere by using the drops prediction command ;;drops 1 1
  • *forget to mention* We no have a new player examining interface (shows inv + equipment)


  • You will receive more vote points upon voting now.
  • Fixed the gunman IV achievement reward giving logs instead of Ckeys.
  • Plat++ members can now wear Tokhaar capes without requirement.
  • Added Camel staff to the Camel warrior drop tables.
  • Added Ripper claws to the Ripper demon drop tables.
  • Fixed the tasks tab to correctly show the current player rank.
  • Updated the PvM points table 'click here'
  • New game modes


  • Updated Hazelmere chimes shop rotations.




  • Update Prestige stores (Check 'em out in-game 😉 )
  • Added Wyvern crossbow


  • The entire mystery box rotations have been changed. (Still not gonna share the loot table as it's a mystery box, however lots of new items has been added.)😜




Wow, that took 2 hours to go through and I probably even missed a few things. I look forward to continuing this progress behind the scenes. The new content is going to KILL IT, it won't be easy for our old members to adapt with. We ask you for your patience and positive feedback so we can continue to make SeptoX a great game for everyone.

Let's bring this thing back to the top. Long live SeptoX!


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