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A shadowy figure has arrived...

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Hello, beautiful people. I am Sliske.

Let's see - I like Septox so far, and I'm looking forward to meeting more of you and watching the server grow. I came here after a string of bad romances with various other rsps - I'm very picky about where I play, and none of them quite made the cut.

I enjoy reading and writing - I am part of an interactive story collab group where we all work together to write a story with interwoven character arcs and goals. Now that I think about it, it's sort of like a DND group without the DND, focused on world-building and story telling. Along with that, my other hobbies include gaming (the mount and blade series, and the sims games, are a favorite at the moment), sleeping, cooking, binge-watching Youtube and traditional archery, Mongol style.

I don't like it when my internet cuts out, aaaand... that's about it. Generally a pretty down to earth, hard to ruffle individual I suppose. I try to be funny, and sometimes it might even work.

My goals for Septox are just to have a good time, doing whatever skill comes to mind - that is, I don't really have a goal. Rest assured that whatever I decide to do, I will look damn sexy while doing it.

Ta - looking forward to seeing you all in-game.

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1 hour ago, Fumus said:

Welcome Sliske, hope we can be friends! Sliske & Fumus can be the new End-Game boss!

You know it - you debuff the knickers off them with your Ancient Magicks, and I'll summon an army of the undead to tear them apart. Perfect team.

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