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Sliske's Thieving Guide

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Hello, everyone, I will be doing a guide on perhaps the simplest skill to get started with on Septox - it's a great method to get some starter cash.

This guide will provide both a skimmable guide and a more indepth version of my recommended training path, a viable alternative for donators only, and what to do with what you steal.

This guide will be updated with the Ardougne stalls and the pickpocketing method in the near future, I just had to restart my computer so I saved what I had and will come back to it soon.

Let's Begin - The Recommended Training Path

The best time to begin thieving is when you've just joined Septox. It will give you some much-needed cash to help kick-start you on your journey.

Fortunately, you start only a few tiles away from your destiny. First, drop by the bank to deposit your starter gear, and then head to the thieving stalls, which rest against the north wall of that very same bank.


There, you will find five stalls, numbered in the diagram from 1-5.


Skimmable Guide

Stall Number 1 - Levels 1-30.

Stall Number 2 - Levels 30-65.

Stall Number 3 - Levels 65 - 85.

Stall Number 4 - Levels 85-95.

Stall Number 5 - 95-99.


Indepth Guide

To begin with, start at Stall Number 1, the Crafting Stall, unlocked at level 1, and the best way to train thieving up til level 30. Expect various crafting items, such as: uncut gems, untanned hides, flax, and golden rings. Some of these items, like the gems, may be useful for later grinding Crafting, so it may be recommended to save them. You will also gain a bit of money every time you loot the stall.

Stall Number 2, the Food Stall, unlocks at level 30, and this is where you will stay until level 65. Expect various cooked fish and other food items from this stall. The loot from this stall is handy to keep your HP high, as the thieving stalls will do a little bit of damage to you every time you successfully loot. As with the Crafting Stall, you gain a bit of cash for every successful theft.

Stall Number 3, the General Stall, unlocks at level 65, and you'll skill here til 85. Expect items like noted molten glass, battlestaves, and gold bars. You also get money for every successful theft.

The Magic Stall, unlocks at level 85, and the best place to thieve from until 95. Expect runes of various types, magic armor, and staves. Some of the items from this stall are quite valuable, such as the Wizard Boots (t) (700k) or the Light Mystic Gloves (350k). As before, you get money for every theft.

The Scimitar Stall, unlocks at level 95, and this will be your major source of exp until 99. Expect scimitars of various types, and money for your efforts.

Alternative Path (Donators Only)

For Donators, the early game of thieving mastery looks similar to non-donators, but around level 50, it changes dramatically.

Donators should start at Stall Number 1, the Crafting Stall, and proceed to Stall Number 2, the Food Stall, at 30.

However, at level 50, the donator should quit the home stalls and venture on to ;;dz, the donator zone, where this lovely beast awaits them:


This stall provides cut and uncut gems ranging from opal to dragonstone, as well as various enchanted amulets that can sell for a pretty penny. It also provides the best thieving exp-rate in the game that I've seen, providing the same amount of experience as the level 95 stall at home - all at level 50! There's no better way to fast-track your quest to thieving mastery if you're a donator.


Selling Your Loots

So, you stole some stuff and now your pockets are overflowing with food, magic robes, amulets if you're a donator, and (ideally, cut) gems. Where to go to sell them?

The General Store, of course.

Issue the command ;;shops, and then talk to this lovely lady in purple, 'Shops Manager'.


When you click her, she reveals an interface with a great deal of shop names. Click General Store, and from there, sell off your ill-gotten gains for great cash!

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6 hours ago, Dave said:

There's also the option of Thieving the rogues at home for 13k xp a pickpocket and I assume Prif Thieving. 

Yeah, there is. I'm expanding this in the future, it's just a neb guide for now - I had to close my computer down to try and fix the connection errors I'm having with Septox, so I just pressed enter and i'll expand later.


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