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Yo whats good my in-game name is (Duskwater), it's a nick name given to me by middle school English teacher.

Well with this COVID-19 bs going on, you going have me available fully committed to sever for about month, unless i find another job within MAY. After that i'll probably only be on weekends, because I already got a guarantee job line up, I just don't wanna work there lol. 

Well I haven't played a private sever in over 5 years honestly. Back in the day i would play a lot and have committed years to severs that were able to stay up for that long.  I mainly play 667 and 718. My main sever I used play this sever called Solstice3 (shut down now) which I played for like 3 years on and off. So I get committed to severs. If you recognize the user name Snowman5 or Snowman5o  that's me. And message to SnowKnight if you ever find this thread it's me Snowman5 from Arcadia667(ALso shut down for years) lol 🤣

Well I used to love making Guides back then so maybe ill make few. 

About Me

I 20 years old turning 21 in June, Studying Electrical Engineering, starting my Senior year this fall almost done. Also I watch anime but I don't publicly disclose that information in real life. 

Also I will never have over 100m gp I suck at money making I just grind for everything lol. 

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Welcome Duskwater I am really happy to see you here, I am hope you're enjoying your time during this quarantine. Even though our own players are quarantining the server right now waiting for the updates hahaha, with the new updates coming everything should change quickly. I hope you'll enjoy your stay, and don't worry about money making, the goal will be fusing them new items and going as crazy as you like with linking perks to them. So much fun awaits, stay safe from COVID-19! 


Much love 🥰

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