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Dave's Hardcore Ironman

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Since this is a new server, figured i'd repost my old thread and update this one instead of continuing on with the old one. Hopefully you guys enjoy my progress and I'm looking forward to competing with some new hardcore Ironmen/women!


Hey All, 


One of the first things I like to do when joining a new server is create a goals and achievements thread. My current goals for my account will be the basic goals and I will add onto the list when I find more things I want to accomplish. I may eventually add other accounts on here if I decide to pursue my other accounts more actively. 


Red will be incomplete, green will be complete, and yellow will be started. I will also indicate my current level in the skill. In the event my xp is 200m prestige 10 that will be indicated as well. I will update this about every 10 hours or so playtime. 

Attack 0/10 1/99

Strength 0/10 1/99

Defence 0/10 1/99

Range 0/10 1/99

Prayer 0/10 82/99

Magic 0/10 1/99

Runecrafting 0/10 1/99

Construction 0/10 1/99

Dungeoneering 0/10 1/99

Constitution 0/10 10/99

Agility 0/10 1/99

Herblore 0/10 27/99

Thieving 0/10 99/99

Crafting 0/10 1/99

Fletching 0/10 1/99

Slayer 0/10 1/99

Hunter 0/10 1/99

Divination 0/10 50/99

Mining 0/10 53/99

Smithing 46/10 1/99

Fishing 0/10 1/99

Cooking 0/10 1/99

Firemaking 0/10 1/99

Woodcutting 0/10 1/99

Farming 0/10 1/99

Summoning 0/10 1/99


Max Cape

Completionist Cape

Completionist (t) Cape

Master Quest Cape




Easy Achievements

Medium Achievements

Hard Achievements

Elite Achievements


Ahrims Set

Dharoks Set

Guthans Set

Karils Set

Torags Set

Veracs Set

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